Deveaux's Story Was Touching



I am trying to re-locate to Arizona from California.

Ms. DeVeaux's article touched me because my mother has dementia. I can't remove her from her current assisted living home without as loving an alternative.

Desperately searching for answers, I have found that my mom enjoys her beta fish and especially having a wide planter with soil where she can ‘insert' plants found on little walks. Watching things grow gives her a sense of accomplishment. Music from her past energizes her. I read everything I can find on slowing this devastating, draining, disease through nutrition, activities, etc. You are right, having lots of personal contact definitely helps! My mother is such a comedian.

My prayers are with Ms. DeVeaux. I admire her devotion to these troubled souls who need and deserve our care. I hope her mission will continue.

Diane Allen, California

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