Dumpster Divers Are Not Thieves



In response to a letter from Robert Elliott in the paper (Feb. 11 Roundup). I would like to once again come to the defense of Payson Humane Society.

The article which ran about our dumpster-diving efforts seems to have been misunderstood by Mr. Elliott.

We do not go to other people's homes and pick through their trash to collect cans. We count on people to keep their cans separate and provide dumpsters in "public" places for people to bring them to us. There have been occasions when owners of apartment buildings have called to tell us that there are many cans in their dumpsters, and we have gone through only those which we've been invited to.

And, we also do go through all the dumpsters at the events such as the June Bug Festival and rodeos; but, believe me, if we come across anyone's identity in there we do not recognize it because it's covered in goo.

And, I can personally vouch for the character of everyone who dives the "public" dumpsters for the Payson Humane Society. We are not thieves. We are volunteers who do a very dirty job out of the kindness in our hearts to provide funding for the lost and abandoned animals of Rim country.

Of course, if you see someone without your permission in your dumpster, call the cops. But, if you come across one of us, please donate your cans because last year we were able to raise almost $2,500 with aluminum that could have ended up taking up space at the landfill.

Thank you.

Lisa Boyle,Dumpster Diver

Pat Botcher, President, Payson Humane Society Board of Directors

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