Learn Firewise Now, Before It's Too Late



With another fire season just around the corner, I would just like to ask all landowners to please prepare your home and land using the "firewise" landscaping guidelines.

We here at the Rodeo/ Chediski Wildfire Recovery Team know first hand how valuable this practice can be. Everyone is upset about the environmentalist actions regarding our USFS land, but we as landowners have the control on our own land.

The additional problem of the bark beetle is causing the fire problem to be even more dangerous.

You can find some information on being firewise at my website at www.geocities.com/lindenaz.index.html

The recovery effort on more than 8,000 acres of private land here is very slow. Getting the burnt trees cut remains my main problem. There are few volunteers who have chain saws and the knowledge to use them.

We are allowing anyone who wants to cut the trees to remove them for their use, but still there remain thousands of acres.

Eva Packer, Wildfire Recovery Team

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