So Long, To A Good Friend



The community remembers this week a very special lady, Christopher Creek's own sweetheart Gertrude Kuntz died last Wednesday.

Gertrude was a 32-year resident of this community. She was very active and was one of the original Firebelles.

She was a retired florist who could grow anything. I once told her she had a green thumb because she grew the most beautiful daisy in all of Christopher Creek. Everything she planted came out gorgeous and every Sunday, from spring to fall, she would grace the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church with her presence and a bouquet of beautiful flowers for all of us to enjoy.

Gertrude was 87 years old and I remember telling her "when I grow up, I want to be just like you." She was the kindest person you could ever meet. She was independent, strong and a very spiritual lady. She came to church every Sunday with her Bible tucked under one hand and her purse in the other. She was an inspiration to the children of this community and they all loved her so much.

She lived alone and lived her life exactly the way she wanted to. She was never down and when she would speak, she had this little giggle in her voice.

She made me laugh a lot. I remember when the bear was loose in the area and I called Gertrude and told her to stay in at night because there was a large bear on the loose. She said "I know Mikey he has been here. He was in my (outdoor) freezer and took out my frozen chicken and meat and it's all over the yard."

She called me back a few days later and was so excited she said "Mikey, I caught the bear, I caught the bear." The bear was trapped in a cage that Arizona Game and Fish Department officials brought over the night before.

I cannot tell you how many times she lifted my spirit. We will all deeply miss her but we will never forget her --he has touched all our hearts here in this small community of Christopher Creek.

A memorial service for Gertrude Kuntz is at 11 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 15, at Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship. Donations can be made to RTA Hospice, 107 E. Frontier Street, Payson, AZ 85541, or Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship, in care of Pastor Ed Hepworth, HC 2, Box 94P, Payson, AZ 85541.

Valentine wishes

  • o Dave, my Valentine, Thank-you for choosing me as your lifetime partner. Love, your Valentine, Jackie.
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  • appy Valentine's Day Eric, Love Nancy.
  • appy Valentine's Day to my husband Frank and my daughter Frankie Jo. I thank the Lord everyday for the two of you. I am so fortunate to have both of you in my life. Love, Mikey

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