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Q: What a debacle on South 87 last Sunday morning. Didn't anyone check the north slope that is obviously very susceptible to icing and ice retention? It was over three hours before a sander appeared on the scene.

A: ADOT area Supervisor Ron Woolwine said the agency was aware of the problem, but had an equipment break down, so could not get chemicals out to the scene until it was repaired. There was one truck on 87, but it was at least two hours away. Woolwine said there was not a three hour wait, however, it did take three hours to clear the whole road.

Q: I'm wondering about the new artificial soccer field. When you lay on it you get all these black pieces of artificial turf on you. Is that normal or is it not holding up like it's supposed to?

A: "No, the field is fine," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "The black that she's referring to are small pieces of granulated rubber, which is the infill product that makes the field cushiony. The field is top-dressed with about two inches of that (material)."

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