Alternate Fuel Should Be Available Everywhere



As a semi-educated citizen of our world, I am deeply concerned about the environment we all reside in.

My interest is in the alternative fuel E-85.

Not only is this an environmental issue, but it also involves our national position as a dependent on foreign oil. The future of our nation is in jeopardy, considering the climate in the Middle East, and our dependence on their oil.

To my knowledge, our atmosphere was 22 percent oxygen in the early '60s. As of now, we have a 16 percent oxygen level. At this rate, our days are numbered.

In my region, there is no alternative fuel available. Obviously, the cleaner fuel is the only answer. This product will create many new jobs. The positives far outweigh the negatives on this issue. I would strongly suggest E-85 be made available to everyone, including those in rural areas.

Please consider this -- not only for the people of the U.S., but for the people of the world.

In short, I would like E-85 to be made available in my region, Payson and the Roosevelt Lake area.

H. J. Williams, Tonto Basin

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