Council Appoints 15 To Select Bond Projects


A group of 15 people will serve on the town's newest committee, the Ad Hoc Capital Improvement Projects Committee.

The committee was formed at the recommendation of Town Manager Fred Carpenter, to select the projects residents will vote to sell bonds for in September.

The committee members were appointed Feb. 13 as part of the regular council meeting's consent agenda.

Serving on the committee are: Bruce Whiting, chair; Louis R. Adams; Rich Crockett; Lucille R. DeSomma; Barbara Ganz; Cindy Kofile; Allen Lehman; Lisa Lyons; John A. Martin; Blair C. Meggitt; Judy Miller; Sarah J. Nelson; Cliff Potts; Steve Solcz; and Lois Sobotka.

The council also appointed seven alternates: Hilda Crawford; Jack Jasper; C. Andrew Kaiser; Stan G. Langham; Roger R. Schwartz; Robert E. Ware; and Phyliss L. Windle.

In making the appointments, Mayor Ken Murphy asked that the alternates try to attend as many of the group's meetings as possible, so should a vacancy arise, they will be ready to step into an active role immediately.

Whiting, the town manager and mayor will decide on the first meeting date. All the meetings of the committee will be open to the public.

Bruce Whiting moved to Payson full-time a year ago, and is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker-Bishop Realty. He said he hopes his service with the group with help improve the capital expenditure process for the town.

Louis Adams has been in Payson for more than five years, has an insurance agency and runs a financial planning service, Adams Business Dimensions. He sees the primary issue facing the group as hearing a variety of special interests versus the common goals of a majority of the residents.

Rich Crockett has been in Payson for more than six years. Through his service on the committee, he said he hopes to educate the public on the different issues and help everyone make better informed decisions.

Lucille DeSomma said she sees her job on the committee as overseeing and assessing the information about the various project proposals to determine their merit and thing promote the bond issue where appropriate. She has lived in Payson for seven years.

Barbara Ganz, president of Gila Community College, has lived in Payson for about 18 months. She said she sees the tasks of the committee to be studying the issues, analyze the situation, prioritize and advocate for those projects selected for the bond vote.

Cindy Kofile said she thinks the major issue facing the group is providing information to the public, making clear the value they will personally receive with a successful bond election. Kofile has been in Payson two years.

Allen Lehman has lived in Payson for seven years. To him, work on the committee means a chance to assist in the determination of responsible capital improvement projects and foster public acceptance and awareness of the benefits of the proposed projects.

Lisa Lyons has made Payson her home for two years. For her, the job means looking at new ideas and how to go about putting together the bond issues.

John A. Martin has lived in Payson for 20 years. He primarily hopes to improve the town's physical plant through his service on the committee.

Blair Meggitt has been in Payson 22 years. He sees his task on the committee as reviewing in detail the needs versus wants of capital improvements in relationship to costs and benefits.

Judy Miller said she sees the job of the committee as a forum for open discussion of what projects the town needs to accomplish and how the projects will be paid for. She has been in Payson 15 years.

Sarah J. Nelson has lived in Payson for 14 years. To her, the duties of the committee involve: listening to presentations on projects by the various departments; measuring the project in regard to their financial and emotional impact; and making recommendations to the community for the bond election.

Cliff Potts has lived in Payson for 22 years. He sees the responsibility of the committee is to develop a list of capital projects based on input from the staff; selecting projects for the election that voters will understand; and developing an election the voters will understand.

Steve Solcz has lived in Payson four years. For him, the responsibilities of the appointment include listen to the capital project briefings; review the justification, costs, funding and maintenance of the projects for validity and reasonableness; then work as a team to make a recommendation on the projects to the voters.

Lois Sobotka has lived in Payson two years. She sees the task of the committee to be to review the projects requested by town department heads and selecting those to put before the voters.

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