Everybody Should Pay Their Fair Share Of Taxes


It seemed like the right thing to do for Arizona's children.

At a time when budget cuts threaten to further decimate an already underfunded education system, Gov. Janet Napolitano had an idea for minimizing the pain. By asking several of the richer, more undertaxed school districts to take on a bigger share of the tax burden, $13 million could be shifted from state aid to property taxes.

But residents in the tony Scottsdale school district -- who would be hardest hit -- are howling.

Despite the fact that at $5.30 per $100 assessed value, Scottsdale has one of the lowest school tax rates in Maricopa County. (Payson taxpayers pay $5.42 per $100.)

Despite the fact that Scottsdale property owners' taxes would only go up $58 a year for every $200,000 of assessed value.

Despite the fact that even with the increase, Scottsdale's tax rate would still be on the low side compared to other districts around the state.

"It seems like they're picking out the more affluent suburbs to fund this tax hike," Scottsdale parent Mary Holzer said.

State Sen. Carolyn Allen, R-Scottsdale, who also opposes the proposal, promises to be "loud," "vocal," and to "throw a fit."

Holzer is right. The governor is "picking out the most affluent suburbs."

And you'd think those who are fortunate enough to live in them would be grateful enough for their good fortune to gladly fork over an extra hundred bucks or so -- especially since they're undertaxed to start with.

You'd also think that Sen. Allen could find a better way to express her displeasure on the senate floor than by throwing a fit. Not only is Scottsdale shortchanging Arizona's children by its selfish attitude, but Allen won't be setting much of an example for them when she pitches her fit.

If every legislator expressed his or her displeasure in such a manner, the democratic system would quickly grind to a halt.

Far be it for us to step on the toes of the affluent. Many of them have worked hard to get where they are.

The bottom line is that everybody should be paying their fair share, and those who have been blessed with a higher standard of living should be gracious enough to do so willingly.

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