Thanks To Judy Buettner For Getting It Out In The Open



We've heard enough blaming our councilwoman Judy Buettner for the Sutton/East Cedar Road fiasco. Before her election, she listened to our complaints about our miserable, dusty dirt road. Not long after her election, we awoke one day to find the entire road to have a chip seal coating, with no expense to us.

We, and our neighbors, were overjoyed -- only to learn Mrs. Buettner had opened up a can of worms long left unopened by previous town councils.

We feel certain once the survey is completed (so we all know who owns what part of the road), the other problems will fall into place, and we'll have an acceptable road to suit us all.

Our gratitude should go to Judy Buettner for getting this problem finally out in the open to be resolved.

A dozen red roses to our fine councilwoman.

Wally and Carol Simerly, Payson

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