What's Up?


Q: What was the result of the town's water exploration at Doll Baby Ranch? Has that been completed?

A: No, but it is under way, according to Mike Ploughe, town hydrogeologist.

"I can't really say a whole lot about it at this time because it's just too early," he said. "We've only got one-and-a-half holes done and a lot can still change."

While Doll Baby Ranch is the water department's primary focus at this time, a number of Forest Service projects, including Mayfield Canyon, are moving forward.

"We've made some revisions to address some issues with Mayfield Canyon," he said. "Hopefully we'll be moving along with that in the coming months."

Q: What is the long-term plan and timeline for that part of Rumsey Park along the white fence at Payson Parkway where the two new baseball fields are?

A: "Synthetic grass on the outfield, and they'll be joined in the center to make yet another soccer field," Payson Parks and Recreation director Bill Schwind said. "We had hoped to apply for a Heritage Fund grant in February and that didn't go through, so we're going to look at other options and it will probably happen within a year to 18 months."

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