Community Play Has 'Em Rolling In The Aisles



Saturday night in Tonto Village was jumping. There were a lot of vehicles parked along the side of the road and inside the Double D Restaurant it was standing room only.

The cause for all this much activity in Tonto Village in the middle of the winter was the promise of the local residents to put on a mini-play for all of us to enjoy.

No one was disappointed.

The play was mostly improvised -- they were given a character to portray and the rest was up to the actor to get into their role.

The scene was set in an 1880s saloon complete with a bartender who also served as the town barber. He was played by Brett Zeckoff. Since Brett is a bartender in real life, this was an easy role for him to play.

Matt Gillon played by Harvey Poyner, played a convincing sheriff, but a lousy horseman. He didn't know how to tell a horse to stop and most times had to shoot the horse.

Black Bart, a bad man, played by Clint Daniels, was a very convincing bad guy. Grace Daniels played Black Bart's wife and frequently came after him with a rolling pin.

Phyllis Mullen and Ethel Cain were hilarious as sisters and school 'marms' who made the "recipe" in their basement.

Betty Koutz played Miss Betsy and Cassie Reeves played Miss Cassie, dance hall girls who looked great in their costumes.

Tom Terror was played by Tom Dunny. His character was a card player who was not too honest, and of course there were bad hombres who were bank robbers.

Sam Coe was the announcer.

It was a bawdy, funny, and truly entertaining way to spend an otherwise boring Saturday night. Thanks to all our neighbors who also were a part of setting the whole play up with props, costumes, and setting up the chairs.

Island adventures

If you have come into Tonto Village by way of Johnson Boulevard, you can't help but notice the activity and the change that has taken place on the "island" between Johnson and the Control Road. There have been many volunteers who have made the big change. Many trees have been cut down -- six inches or smaller -- and the brush cleared and burned.

Did anyone notice that there is no longer an ice patch between the Cussuto and Terry house? There was a concentrated effort to clear away all the small trees that kept the sun from melting the ice in that area. Roger Boyington is the timber boss and can be reached at the fire station at 478-4875 if you would like to volunteer some of your time to help lessen the fire danger this summer.

Quads ‘R Us

Fire Chief J.R. Alliger has some major concerns regarding the use of quads by children who are using the roads in the village. This is a very dangerous pastime by the children and needs to be curtailed before one of the children gets seriously hurt. There were many instances during our last snowstorm when I personally saw the potential for serious injury when I witnessed the children using the road as their playground with snowboards, sleds, and toboggans being pulled by the quads through the snow on the roadway.

We need everyone's help in stopping this kind of careless and reckless behavior.

Birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

Brenda Slapnicka, who helps run the Rancho Tonto Recreation area along Tonto Creek will be celebrating her birthday Sunday, Feb. 23. Brenda also was in the play with me last summer, and is an occasional domino player with the Tonto Village ladies. We all wish her a happy birthday.

Pat and Alice Andreas celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary Feb. 17. Way to go, Pat and Alice.

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