Hydrogen Car In The Works?



Remember the Berlin Wall, remember Mid-East oil? There is a connection with both of the preceding sentences' subjects.

A remarkable news item happened during the second week of February, which received very little press notice. There was a call for the development of a car to run on hydrogen. If you missed this news you might think, "There go those environmentalists again." You would be wrong, but that isn't important.

What is important is that it was an oil man that requested this development. Not just any oil man, but the most powerful oil man in the world, President Bush.

The Berlin Wall went up just before I was born and I thought I would never see it fall but it did. Middle Eastern oil became critical only after WWII, the late '50s actually, and is now a conscious fact everyday, with war in the area just over the horizon, again.

There have been several studies that point to the demise of oil reserves as soon as (2011 to 2019) but most point to the 2030's. If you are old enough to remember that the automobile, internal combustion energy, took almost 50 years to completely replace horse drawn vehicles (in the 1950s, horse drawn vegetable, ice, milk and coal wagons were still in my neighborhood in the Motor City).

Is the president's timing important?

So, what's my point? If the most powerful oil man in history is calling for the development of a major component of a hydrogen economy, what does he know and who told him?

And in spite of events today, won't it be nice to say - Remember Mid-East oil? But what kind of world will that be with millions of poor Arabs selling sand?

Robert Elliott, Payson

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