Start Conserving Water Now



The drought continues with almost no rain or snow to speak of so far this winter.

We are starting to feel like summer, while back East is getting huge snowstorms, something we could really use and most undoubtedly enjoy.

We all need to start conserving water now. It does not make a lot of sense to plant a garden only to watch it die, or to water at night so the neighbors don't see.

One way for us to conserve would be to fix those leaky faucets or toilet tanks. Please try to remember to turn off your water when you leave, especially in the winter. If your pipes freeze and burst it will flood your house wasting thousands of gallons of water, not to mention the damage.

Those of you who are not full-time residents, remember to turn your water off when you leave. Leaks during December in Christopher Creek wasted more than 100,000 gallons of water.

There is still some hope that el Niño may still produce above-average precipitation for us. The ponderosa pines are dying at an alarming rate in this community.

Many of us moved here because of their beauty. Next week I will be doing an article on the ponderosa pines and some steps that can be taken to help save these magnificent trees. Many are working very hard to help solve this horrible problem. But, you need to not panic. The bark beetle has been here for hundreds of years. It is just now that we are seeing it take over our area because of the lack of moisture.

The first step will be to get the infested trees removed completely.

If you are the president of a Homeowners Association you can call me at 478-4519 and I will give you a name to call that can help your area.

A special thanks to Danny Rinehart and Billy McEnaney of Colcord road. Residents say they are always keeping the road clean by constantly picking up trash that people toss out of their vehicles. Keep up the good work guys.

Teresa Purtee will be starting a new Bible study starting Wednesday nights at her house. Study will be "How to have a relationship with God." You can call her at 478-4337 for more information.

The ladies Annual Jammy Party will be held at Creekside Restaurant March 7, starting at 5 p.m. Wear your jammies and fuzzy slippers, ladies. Bring along a snack to share. Sonny will provide dinner as usual: her famous spaghetti.

Afterward, they will adjourn to the Landmark to party until the cows come home. It's always a blast.

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