What's Up?


Q: I read that Northern Arizona University wants to increase tuition by $1,000 next year. Will that affect any of the local programs?

A: Yes, according to local NAU Program Coordinator Gary Moore. Tuition is the same here as it is on the Flagstaff campus. But the impact will not be as bad locally because 98 percent of the NAU-Payson students receive grants or are on scholarships.

Q: Have they ever worked out the details for the high school graduation this year? Last I heard, they didn't know where it was going to be held or how it was going to be paid for.

A: After numerous meetings with the concerned parties, Payson High School principal Phil Gille reported to the school board Monday, Feb. 10, that graduation will be held at the football field. The new track, which would have to be covered with plywood so chairs wouldn't ruin the surface, will simply not be used.

Gille also recommended that a permanent site be selected so the issue doesn't have to be revisited by each class.

"Every year, the seniors and parents want to go to the football field, but then they complain afterwards that they can't see," Gille said. "There may be a solution in the near future if we get new stands for the home side. Then there may be enough seating."

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