Council Battles Super Majority Thursday


A battle over personnel rules is looming at this week's council meeting.

"They want to make the fire chief answerable to the town manager and make it possible for the council to fire the police chief with a 4-3 vote. I'm going to really resist this. We have two public safety department heads in this town, the fire chief and the police chief, and I think they should be treated equally," Councilor Dick Wolfe said.

The council will have a first reading and public hearing to amend its town officer ordinance at its Feb. 27 meeting.

The proposed amendments:

  • Remove the public works director, town engineer, town magistrate, chief fiscal officer and fire chief from the list of town officers.
  • Eliminate the three-fourths majority required to remove a town officer for cause, replacing it with a majority vote of the full council, or a total of four votes.
  • Allow that only the town attorney and town manager shall be selected and appointed by the council.
  • State that all officers, other than the town manager and town attorney, shall be selected and appointed by the town manager with the advice and consent of the town council, and the manager has the authority to remove the officers for cause.
  • The chief of police shall be appointed by and report to the town manager.
  • The town engineer shall be appointed by and report to the town manager.

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