Health, Safety Of Students Is The Issue


If you have ever watched a younger sibling, babysat the neighbor's kids, driven the Girl Scout troop to a campout, raised children of your own or taken your grandchildren to Disneyland, you know how daunting it is to be responsible for the care and safety of a child. Multiply that one child by thousands, and you get an idea of the task facing a school district. Every school day, families entrust their children to the schools where they expect their students to be:

  • Educated
  • Safe
  • Drug/tobacco/alcohol free

The ultimate responsibility for accomplishing this lies with the school board.

Thus, when the issue of a closed campus at Payson High School surfaced, it was in response to concerns. The concerns have several facets:

  • Student drug and tobacco use
  • Unauthorized campus visitors
  • Afternoon tardy and absence rates

The Payson Schools Governing Board is not determined to close the Payson High School campus at lunchtime; your school board is determined to address these concerns.

A closed or regulated campus is one way to resolve the situation. It is a radical and prohibitively expensive resolution. Payson High School principal Phil Gille and assistant principals David Bradley and Dan Maher are investigating other solutions that will:

  • Keep students safe on and off campus
  • Maintain a drug and tobacco-free environment on and off campus
  • Reduce afternoon tardy and absence rates

They, like the Governing Board members, take their responsibility for students very seriously.

No one wants to preside over a disaster. Board members must be pro-active, knowledgeable and dedicated. They must think globally as well as parochially, offer input, request information, research issues, make tough decisions, and protect the school district's priceless assets--its students.

A closed campus at Payson High School is not the issue. The health and safety of Payson High School students is the core issue, and we are dedicated to this purpose.

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