It's Time To Do Something About Litter



I have had the pleasure of living in northern Gila County for 34 years. I have held my silence long enough. The trash that continues to grow through the carelessness and neglect of our citizens is a crime. It is time our local, county, and state governments put a law on the books that has teeth in it.

Every month, I see good citizen volunteers out cleaning up the highway. Every month, the job becomes necessary again.

Why do we not have a law that requires all loads of trash to be covered? Why do we not post a deputy at all landfills to write a citation on the spot to those who arrive at the landfill with uncovered loads? Why does not the Arizona Highway Patrol stop all loads that are uncovered? If nothing else, we should deputize the person at the landfill scales.

I do believe it is time for the print media around the state to get involved in this problem. Never allow a reporter to leave their desk without a camera, taking pictures wherever possible of trash. Once a week print a couple shots of "Citizen Trash" in our area. I hope the Roundup will get involved. We need the print media to join with our government agencies to help us solve this awful problem.

John S. Myers, Pine

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