Republican Legislative Lunacy



Asinine, appalling, arrogant, acrimonious, and annoying are just some of the adjectives I'd use to describe the recent proposal by the Republican majority in the Arizona Legislature to slash some 119 million dollars from the budgets of our school.

Are these Republican legislators unable to understand the intent of the people when we passed Proposition 301? Are these same Republican lawmakers unable to understand almost every independent poll that places the education of our youth as a top funding priority in our State?

Here is a very strong suggestion for the Republican dominated Arizona legislature...follow the budget suggestions of Governor Napolitano, and abandon immediately your budgetary buffoonery.

What kind of mental mindlessness would demand improved student achievement, improved test scores, and a lessening of our horrendous dropout rate, and then propose slashing funds to our schools as they attempt to enact these mandates?

I vote in every election (city, county, state, federal, and even school overrides), and I will never vote for another elected official that votes for draconian school budget cuts.

Caveat Arizona Republican legislators, I am quite sure I'm not alone with my feelings of disgust and frustration concerning your school budget cut proposal

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D., Payson

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