Snyder's Job Brought Her To Payson



She is a typical soldier in the army of modern day women -- a super mom: working full time and raising three, small, active children on her own. Still, Tracy Snyder is upbeat and energetic.

Snyder is the town's interim human resources manager, a job she was moved into when former assistant town manager Kelly Udall left for Colorado.


Tracy Snyder

She did not move into the big office Udall occupied though. She stayed in the outer office she occupied while he was here.

"Why move in when I will be moving out when they hire his replacement?" she reasons.

Snyder joined the town staff about four years ago, finding the job in the classified advertisements.

She said as part of her prior job she had to look at the ads to see what competitors were doing.

While doing this one day, she decided to see what was happening in her field of human resource management, what was being paid, the expectations other employers had for the work. She saw an ad placed by the town of Payson.

"I couldn't sleep for a week after that, trying to decide whether or not to apply," she said.

Snyder had started working at Russell AC when she was 17, beginning as a receptionist and working her way up to director of human resources.

"Kate (the owner of Russell AC) was great with the opportunities she gave me and the faith she had in me," Snyder said.

At the same time she was going to college, majoring in psychology, then switching to communications when she realized that she could not devote the necessary time to the classes she needed for a psychology degree.

The job with Russell AC involved as many people as were employed by the town at the time she started and the positions had the same duties.

So, when Snyder finally decided to make the move to Payson, there was not a big transition to make so far as her work.

As for moving her family, that was not hard either.

"I love Payson. I like the small town atmosphere and I wanted my children to be raised in a small town. There is more of a sense of community here. The weather is awesome and the mountains are beautiful. I have lots of family around. And it's close to Phoenix when I need a big city fix," Snyder said.


Name: Tracy Snyder

Occupation: Interim human resources manager

Employer: Town of Payson

Age: 31

Birthplace: Phoenix

Family: Three children, two boys and a girl; father in Payson; mother in Tonto Basin; grandfather in Star Valley; sister in Phoenix.

Personal motto: Be positive

Inspiration: Career-wise, my former boss, Kate Rakoci, owner of Russell Air Conditioning, Inc. She is an awesome lady and great at everything she does.

Greatest feat: Getting me and my three small children up and ready and off to work and school every day.

My favorite hobby or leisure activity is 10 minutes to do absolutely nothing.

The three words that describe me best are enthusiastic, busy, positive.

I don't want to brag but I have great kids, wonderful family and friends.

The person in history I'd most like to meet is ... there are too many to name.

Luxury defined: Sitting on a beach in Rocky Point.

Dream vacation spot: Greece, to see the history and culture there.

Why Payson? It was always a second home to me while I was growing up. My grandfather moved up here in the 1960s and my parents bought land here when I was 2. This job made it possible for me to live here.

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