Beaver Valley Fire Coverage One-Sided



I am so angry with you as an editor of a supposed fair newspaper.

These so called factual articles by about Beaver Valley fire board and fire department, are totally erroneous and one sided. Where is the real truth supposed to come from?

Is it any wonder why Larry Martin and our new board refuse to discuss this issue.

We who live in Beaver Valley and support our fledgling fire department have been made to look like children who don't want to play in Frank Hanson's back yard.

He has been charging us our whole tax base money to further his own needs, whether it is personal or business, of which he has never given a full accounting of how BV's money was spent.

Granted this was due to the fault of our "old board" who chose to ignore what Mesa del was doing with our money by not forcing an accounting. We now have diligent board members who are researching all of these issues, plus trying to have our own response teams in place in case of an emergency.

Mesa del claims to have such a good response time to emergencies, but that is only because BV has three qualified people who live here to respond. But they are technically aligned with Mesa del.

If you are truly a nonbiased newspaper, that wants to know both sides, please contact me. I will arrange to have people in place for you to talk to.

Sydney Jones

Editor's note: Attempts to get a timely response for "the other side of the story" in Beaver Valley were met with stonewalling until the 11th hour, when the formal press release on the matter was delivered. The story was rewritten to include as much information as possible to present a balanced report.

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