Caseworkers Need To Think Outside The Box



We would like to respond to the article of Feb. 14, about a fellow foster/adoptive parent. Cheri Greenwade's foster child "John" has the opportunity to be adopted by one of her family members. They are already licensed with years of experience. He has the chance to transition within what he already has come to know as his family system. Do you realize how rarely that occurs for a foster child?

We cannot imagine a decent caseworker that would make a child endure the trauma of a move to complete strangers, unless there were no other options. It would not occur to a competent worker to do this over a power struggle.

After years of work as a CPS caseworker and provider to CPS, I can say this.

A caseworker should always fight for the best interest of the child. Some workers actually view the work as a calling, similar to that of a nun or other clergy. That attitude is evident in their work. That attitude is obviously lacking here.

The state places sexually abused children in homes with other non-molested children every day. Some are foster parent's children that have never endured any type of abuse.

For them to claim "John" would be unsafe in the cousin's home because two children with that prior history lived there seems deceitful.

Currently, we are adopting a sibling group of three. A fourth child lived with us as well, but then, through family activities, met one of our family members in Tucson. A love bond was made. Because our children's caseworker, Marybeth McGann, can think outside the box, he transitioned there and is thriving. Marybeth, not from Payson, was, and is, more interested in his well-being and happiness than in who initiated the placement. Thank God, she approaches her work like a calling, and puts the children first. Quite a different story from Cheri Greenwade's.

The Payson office could learn from someone like her. They need someone to bring wisdom to this floundering office.

John and Linda Schreur, Payson

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