Homework Lacking In Water Bid



I was very disappointed in Mr. Keyworth's reporting in the Feb. 21 issue concerning the Pine water issue. However, it is probably not his fault, as the group wanting Pine/Strawberry Water Improvement District to approve the feasibility study has not completely done its homework.

1) A feasibility study is more likely to cost in the neighborhood of $35-$40,000, thus $5,000 is not matching funds; 2) The Pine water system, since under the control of Brooke Utilities, is down to 4 percent leakage -- a far cry from 50 percent; 3) Losing oversight of the Arizona Corporation Commission is definitely not an advantage, for more meters would be issued; and 4) Most importantly, everyone I know in the Pine/Strawberry communities is very much against PSWID becoming the water provider. Our tax dollars are much better utilized in finding a new source of water.

Meanwhile, let Brooke Utilities do its job -- it has greatly improved our system.

Mrs. Arthur Spaid, Pine

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