What's Up?


Q: Is there any connection or has there ever been any relationship between the parks and recreation department and the supplier of the artificial turf we have in the parks?

A: "No," Parks Director Bill Schwind said. "When we put the first field in six or seven years ago, FieldTurf was the only provider of a synthetic grass product that was not Astro-turf, which is a carpet. Since that time there are about a half dozen to a dozen manufacturers of a synthetic grass product. When we put our second field in we went out to bid and I think we got bids from five different manufacturers, and FieldTurf was low bid."

Q: Workers have been adding another device to the tower at the end of Hillcrest Drive. What is it?

A: It isn't.

"What we're doing is replumbing some existing pumps that we have in the neighborhood in preparation for taking the Hillcrest water tank out of service for internal maintenance," said Payson Public Works Director Buzz Walker. "We're finding other pumps outside the building that can do the job while we're doing the maintenance."

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