Work With Cps A Test Of Faith



Being foster parents here in Payson has been a trying experience during this past year.

The main reason is an agency being run with no sound supervision and inexperienced workers making supervisory decisions.

What we have seen in this past year with CPS in Payson has been an agency that has not worked effectively with other team members. Therefore they have lost valuable input from people who have more experience than they have.

The team members I'm referring to are CASA's, foster parents, and at least one effective counselor. It seems ironic they are claiming Cheri Greenwade is unwilling to be a team player.

We have felt the repercussions of trying to buck up to this agency in attempts to protect the children in our care from decisions that were obviously detrimental to the child.

In particular, a child that we had in our home for a couple of years was returned to their parent only to be involved in two different suicides by step-parents, within six months of being returned.

When we questioned the case workers and their supervisors, before the incidents occurred, and told them of our concern about the emotional well-being of the child, we were met with impatience and what we felt was a gross lack of concern for the child.

It was obvious we were not supposed to question their authoritative decisions. Because we did question their decisions, our home was not used for a foster home for more than a year.

We made the decision to become a foster home because we felt that this is where God can use us to help these children. Yet dealing with some of the workers in this agency has been a true test of faith.

My prayer is that all of us involved with these children will remember why we do what we do -- to help these children who may not otherwise have a chance or an advocate.

Tom and Susie Belcher, Payson

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