Stories for January 2003


Thursday, January 30

Fire districts go from name-calling to negotiations

Although county manager John Nelson could not attend Wednesday night's workshop between the Beaver Valley Volunteer Fire District board and the Houston Mesa Volunteer Fire District board, community turnout was high.

Save your trees, before they get infected


Hunter Creek Homeowners had their meeting last weekend and the main topic of discussion was Arizona's insect epidemic.

‘Women of the Rim' opens Saturday

"Rim country pioneer women had the ultimate 24/7 job," Sharesse Von Strauss said. "They were on-call all the time."

Matmen challenge Tucson's best

Coach Dave LaMotte's goal of providing Longhorn wrestlers with the best competition possible was realized when his charges traveled to Tucson Jan. 25. There, the Horns battled Class 5A conference's third- (Marana Mountain View) and ninth-ranked teams (Tucson Flowing Wells).

Middle school dispute handed to mediator

The Payson Unified School District has hired a professional mediator in an attempt to resolve an ongoing dispute between Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby and more than half of that school's teachers.

Beginning of a new smear campaign?

Don Crowley's letter intimating that vendetta politics are being played by Mayor Ken Murphy and Councilman Henley is undoubtedly the beginning of a smear campaign and another round of misleading letters from the group, People for Payson.

A town of majority rule, or not

I find it very difficult to comprehend why a town has to provide its officials with such super-super job security. Most working people, through long careers, could be dismissed by one person if they were unable, or unwilling, to properly perform their duties. There is no reason for a town to function differently.

Timing couldn't be worse to change hiring, firing policy

During the council meeting Thursday evening, the town attorney was given the assignment to begin drafting a new town ordinance that would remove the super majority vote currently required to hire or fire key town officials.

Council leans toward ending super majority

A 4-3 vote put town attorney Sam Streichman in charge of writing a new "Town Officials" ordinance.

Senior Center faces budget crunch

The Payson Senior Center, which has served as a social meeting place and support network for many of the town's elderly since it was founded in 1985, is caught in a vise-grip between rising needs and costs, and stable to weakening government support.

Manny's Batting Cages opens Feb. 1

Residents of Rim country now have a place to practice their batting skills. Whether you're brushing up for the coming season or just want to vent the day's frustrations, Manny's Batting Cages will be open for operation this Saturday, Feb. 1.

Granddaughter's wedding an emotional day


My husband and I took another trip to Yuma this past weekend for our oldest granddaughter's wedding. It was an emotional day for me to see my daughter give away her daughter in marriage.

Smoke blankets Pine-Strawberry


Prescribed burning north of Pine-Strawberry brought a thick blanket of smoke to the valley floors and is generating lots of questions to the local chamber of commerce and businesses.

What's up?

Q: Why does Arizona call themselves Game and Fish, when every other state calls themselves Fish and Game?

Town manager needs to have power and responsibility

A current Payson issue is how the power to terminate town of Payson department heads should be exercised. For the reasons stated below, the interests of the residents of Payson are better served if that power is vested in the town manager. Currently, a super majority of the town council is required in order to exercise that power.

We need to maintain balance

With Payson as my chosen home town, I can not restrain from a couple of comments.

Stadium wins in Credit for Kids tax campaign

The totals for the Credits for Kids tax program are in and the Payson High School Stadium Project is the big winner.

Longhorn Youth Baseball Camp

Learn hitting and fielding from an ex-professional. The camp instructor will be Lemmie Earl Miller (second round pick in 1981 for LA Dodgers, member of ASU All Tournament Team College World Series in 1981 and first round pick for Houston Astros and Oakland A's in 1979.)

Horns unbeaten in Wilson Dome

The homestanding Payson High School basketball teams split a pair of East region games Tuesday evening against the Round Valley Elks.

Davis invited Down Under

Payson High School varsity basketball player Tanya Davis, a sophomore guard, has received an invitation to participate in the 2003 Down Under Hoops Classic which will be held this summer on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Franklin Edward Craig, II

Franklin Edward Craig, II, 51, formerly of Pine, died Dec. 24, 2002 in Phoenix.

Community called to share vision of economic development

Local business people and other interested parties came in high numbers to the Payson Regional Economic Development Corporation's dinner Tuesday night at Mario's to get an overview of future strategic planning for the town's economic growth.

Everyone benefits from economic development

There was a time when economic development meant factories with huge smoke stacks belching out obnoxious smoke, with acres of parking for employees working around the clock and major highways going through town with 18 wheelers on the road 24 hours a day. In many communities it also meant freight train whistles disturbing the tranquility of the night.

Hashknife riders carry on tradition

Four-year-old Alissa Roessler was thrilled to have her official Hashknife bandanna signed by cowboys Cole Alford of Scottsdale (left) and Rim country rider Matt McRae of Strawberry.

74-year-old huntress downs trophy elk

It took 74-year-old Chach Barkley most of her adult years to experience what she called the thrill of a lifetime.

State beckons Maverick wrestlers

A determined crew of nine aspiring grapplers are set to represent the Rim country in the Arizona State Junior High School Wrestling Championships.

Tuesday, January 28

Volunteers are pretty in pink


Trips to the emergency room with an adventurous little girl are not terribly uncommon. However, an overnight stay after surgery to install pins into an arm can send shivers through even the toughest grown-up.

Office refrigerators or monster incubators?


What is it about office refrigerators that encourages normal people to turn into absolute pigs -- or, as we say in the Rim country, "total javelinas"?

A week of meals from one


Ever have one of those killer weeks when you have to be someplace just about every night and relying on fast food is not an option?

Julia Randall's three generations


Julia Viola Randall came from Denver to live on the East Verde River with her mother and half-sister CeCe in November 1901. Julia had turned 2 years old the previous Aug. 9.

Monday, January 27

Horns, Lobos on track for East tie

All good coaches prod their athletes to "play them one at a time," and not look past the most immediate challenge.

Aggressive behavior is not OK


Dogs should never be allowed to be aggressive toward people or other dogs. Owners tend to be embarrassed when their dog makes an aggressive gesture and they may try to pretend that it did not happen.

Belle Lovelady was on the line -- Part 1


Bertha Belle Russell Lovelady had paternal roots with two of the earliest settler families in the Tonto Basin.

Newman is the new man at the GCSO


There is a new man at the Gila County Sheriff's Office in Payson -- Dennis Newman joined the force in early December.

DPS report on Murphy due soon

The Special Investigations Unit of the Arizona Department of Public Safety should release its report on the August incident between Mayor Ken Murphy and Fire Marshal Jack Babb this week.

Beaver Valley Fire seeks autonomy from Houston Mesa

Contract dispute could affect emergency services

Unless an agreement is reached between the Houston Mesa Volunteer Fire District Board and the Beaver Valley Fire Volunteer Fire District Board, emergency service to residents of Beaver Valley could be in question. An agreement must be hammered out by March 13, the day the current contract expires.

Sorry that I broke the law

I was recently sentenced to probation for cultivation of marijuana and, as part of my sentence, Judge Duber ordered me to write a letter of explanation/apology to the newspaper.

Rim Guidance involves family, community in youth treatment program

According to the Children's Action Alliance, every day in Arizona, 87 teens drop out of school, 65 babies are born to teenage mothers, and 90 parents are reported for suspected abuse and neglect.

Mayhall lives for the show ring


John Mayhall has been a dog owner and professional handler for 28 years.

Lobos home hex survives test

A 47-44 loss to the homestanding Snowflake Lobos Friday evening will probably relegate the Lady Longhorns (12-10 overall, 4-2 in the region) to an East regular season second-place finish.

Officials training set for Feb. 1 in Phoenix

Do you suppose the Arizona Interscholastic Association's decision to host a series of upcoming track officials clinics is partly motivated by a huge faux pas two years ago at the state 3A track and field meet? In that mix up, which involved former Payson High School running star Whitney Hardt, officials miscalculated the number of laps that had been completed in the 3200 meter run.

Beginning of end for Horns-Lobos hardwood battles

A rivalry that began more than two decades ago could be coming to an end when the Rim country Maverick basketball teams open the 2002 campaign today (Tuesday) against the Snowflake Lobos.

Grand Canyon games highlight of winter sports

Since the inception of the Grand Canyon State Winter Games 11 years ago, the Rim country has been well represented in the Olympic Festival designed for amateur athletes of all ages and abilities.

Library celebrates first birthday

Nobody could blame former Payson Mayor Ray Schum for savoring the moment.

Man gets two years of probation for growing medicinal marijuana

Norman "Duke" Arrington, 48, Payson, faced four felony counts for production of medicinal marijuana. When the state asked three counts to be dismissed, he pleaded guilty to only a single count.

Fire department says goodbye to ‘finest' lady

The voice on the other end of the line may stay the same on the message machine at the Payson Fire Department, but the person behind it is moving on.

Leslie D. Smith, Jr.

Leslie D. Smith, Jr., 77, of Strawberry, died Sunday, Jan. 26, 2003.

Ralph Daniel Gnodle, Jr.

Ralph Daniel Gnodle, Jr. "Danny," 45, of Payson, died Jan. 22, 2003.

Vocational opportunities expanding for Payson students

When voters were told last fall that the creation of a joint technological education district (JTED) at a minimal cost to taxpayers would be a bargain, 70 percent responded positively at the polls.

What's up?

Q: According to a story in The Arizona Republic, Valley residents use more than 200 gallons of water per capita per day. How much do Payson residents use?

Thanks for the poetry lesson, Shakespears

Thanks to "Shakespeare" Spears, Jan. 24 Roundup, I'm going to be an overnight poetic sensation -- from Paytion and Tonto Baytion. I've lived both places.

Environmentalists, stay out of our forests

This letter is to all radical environmentalists:

Simple majority may not be best for town

It is not my intention to engage in a continuing argument with anyone about the subject of the existing town code requirement of a 6-to-1 majority vote versus a simple majority vote of the town council to eliminate any town department head, nor do I have a vendetta against anyone.

Property owners must seek their own enforcement

Having majored in real estate in college, operated a real estate school which included classes in Payson, and taught real estate investment courses around the nation, I can tell you that CC&Rs are private and zoning issues are established and enforced by a government.

Launching Payson into vendetta politics?

It's a dirty -- but not well kept secret- that Mayor Ken Murphy wants to get rid of Payson's police and fire chiefs and Councilman Henley wants to get rid of the airport director.

Today's teens are smart, adults must be smarter

It must be a rite of passage -- at least for some young people -- finding new and easier ways to get high and stoned.

Council considers retooling departments

Restructuring the organization of town government is on this week's council agenda.

Students caught abusing OTC drugs

A middle school class was disrupted Jan. 23 by alleged drug abuse. One girl was taken to the hospital strapped to a backboard, another was led away by police.

Cops crack down at bus stops

It's basic beginners drivers' education: When a school bus starts flashing its red lights and puts out a stop sign, motorists approaching from both directions must stop.

Nelson promoted to county manager

Former financial director and Gila County Deputy Administrator John Nelson has been promoted to county manager.

Police make arrest in Mesa del

Payson police officers served a search warrant in Mesa del Caballo last weekend, making one arrest.

Star Valley home burns

The Star Valley home of Aaron Haught was lost to a fire Sunday.

Thursday, January 23

Council overturns land split

"The town's obligation is to carry out its code, it has nothing to do with CC and Rs," Community Development Director Bob Gould told the council as it opened a hearing to appeal a land split approved by its Planning and Zoning Commission.

Loggers stranded by false promise

"Timber fallers needed in the Rodeo/Chediski fire area" read the advertisement posted by a company called Dobson Logging. "May work five, six, seven days per week, your choice. Most fallers are making $150-375/day."

Minimizing car/elk collisions


Arizona is one of the nation's fastest growing states.

Personal grudges should be kept out of town business

The council will soon be voting on a recommended change to the town code that would eliminate the "super majority" vote to dismiss a town officer.

Hashknife rides through Rim country

"Neither rain, sleet, nor dark of night can stop the Hashknife Pony Express," begins the press release for the 45th annual ride which comes through Payson next Wednesday and Thursday.

Group files lawsuit to stop Rodeo-Chediski salvage

Local government officials are outraged over a lawsuit filed by a conservation group that would "prevent harmful salvage logging" in the Rodeo-Chediski fire area.

Locals predict Super Bowl outcome

It appears that Super Bowl XXXVII, which pits the Oakland Raiders against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is going to be a classic battle of two teams eager to prove they are the standard bearers of the National Football League.

Gentlemen, start your chainsaws


How many of you out there got a new chain saw from Santa Claus that you are just dying to try out? Have I got a job for you!

When it comes to fish, timing is everything


Timing is very important when you are constructing your game plan for a day on the water.

Lady Horn hopes hinge on stretch drive

The outcome of the Lady Horns' five final East region games will determine the team's hoop fate.

Horns, Lady Horns win at Show Low

Tuesday evening in front of a hostile Show Low crowd, a pair of victories over the Cougars kept both Longhorn basketball teams in the East region championship chase.

What's up?

Q: I just bought a house and it has this really scraggly old tree that blocks my view of the Mogollon Rim. Can I cut it down?

Horn matmen bound for Tucson-fest

The Longhorn wrestling team's Jan. 25 jaunt to Tucson will be highlighted by much more competition than was indicated on original Payson High sports schedules.

AIA to salute Hardt, '53 Beavers

A former coach familiar to Rim country sports fans will be honored by the Arizona Interscholastic Association at halftime of the state championship games Feb. 21 and 22 at America West Arena in Phoenix.

Donald Barnes

Donald Barnes, 75, died in Payson Jan. 3, 2003.

Edward J. Atchison

Edward John Atchison, 82, of Payson died Jan. 22, 2003.

Open campus creates dangerous neighborhoods

My comments are in reference to the school district considering a closed campus for the high school.

Variety of plans should be tried to rejuvenate forests

Adjacent stories in yesterday's Arizona Republic cause me to revive a concept I have been trying to sell to various members of Arizona's Washington contingent.

P-S girls team wins gold


The girls Buffalo basketball team dominated the hoops this past Saturday during the Rim Country Kiwanis annual Basketball Tournament.

Provision to town code a distortion of majority-rule system

Let me see if I have this right. The affirmative votes of four members (a simple majority) of our seven-member town council is normally all that is required to pass legislation that may affect everyone who lives in Payson. Yet, a six-vote super majority of the council is required to terminate the employment of one of the town's department heads.

Family wants Roosen punished for what he did

It is 4 in the morning, and again I can't sleep. I keep going over and over the tragedy that has affected our families for the past three years.

U.S. should slow its march to war

As I watch the buildup of American troops in the Middle East and feel the winds of war blowing out of Washington, I have mixed emotions about what seems like a race to bloodshed. As a veteran of the United States military, I have deep feelings for our country and an undaunted desire to protect freedom. But I also cherish life.

Tuesday, January 21

A sister helped, and found love


Her brothers had left Katherine Houston in California when they pioneered a ranch in Star Valley.

First-time flyer tours Rim country


Kelsey Bregar, 13, had never been in a small plane. She had never seen the Mogollon Rim from the air. So when her father bestowed a gift certificate for a 30-minute scenic flight from CAVU Aviation, the teen was excited to go.

Coffee with cake adds flair to morning fare


I love coffee. I need at least two cups to feel like a functioning human being most mornings. On the weekend, one of my favorite things is to make a six- or eight-cup pot of coffee and read the paper from cover to cover. Add a coffee cake and some jazz or classical instrumentals playing in the background and all my cares just drift away like the steam from my cup.

Phoenix is heading this way


Don't look now, but Phoenix is on the move again -- and the pollution-breathing monster is headed north.

Monday, January 20

Author revises work to speak to violent times


Working toward world peace, author Charles Meister drafted his eighth book tentatively titled "Foundations of World Peace‚" prior to Sept. 11, 2001.

Rolled tanker closes Beeline for 9 hours

There was bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 87 at the Camp Verde turn off, a canceled town-sponsored trip to see the musical "The Producers," and varying impacts to business -- all ripples from the gas tanker rollover at the intersection of the Beeline Highway and Highway 188 Sunday. The accident closed the Beeline almost all of Jan. 19, resulting in wide-ranging repercussions.

Christian concert inspiring

I had the privilege of attending the Christian music concert Thursday evening at the Tribunal Auditorium.

Town manager settling into new position

Town Manager Fred Carpenter has just completed his first quarter in the driver's seat of Payson government. After a few months on the job, he said he's getting settled in his new office, and just bought a home here.

Shelby student winner in MLK contest

For the second year, a student at the Shelby School is one of the winners in Arizona State University's annual Martin Luther King Jr. poster-essay contest.

School to consider closed campus

The PUSD school board has directed Payson High School principal Phil Gille to develop a plan to close that campus for the board's consideration.

Resolution, plans target improving forests

Plans made over the last eight months, and a resolution passed by the council last week target improving the health of the Mogollon Rim's forests.

Fungus finally gone from Payson Elementary

Yet another round of remediation and testing has been performed at Payson Elementary School to clear up some final potential problem areas.

Flight patterns are safest for all involved

Re: Letter writer Jeanne Dell's letter (Jan. 14): She needs to invest in eight hours of dual flight instruction.

Spend time building character in our children

Children live in a world filled with hope, discovery and wonder. But at times, it's also a world filled with disappointments, struggles and complicated relationships.

Chefs competition canceled

Library Friends of Payson has cancelled its Chef Culinary Celebration scheduled for Feb. 22. Our restaurants were simply unable to support the event this year.

Police will still enforce law, regardless of who's chief

Ever since elections took place last fall, this town's reputation has gone down hill. People all over Arizona have been asking, "What kind of leaders live in Payson?" We used to be a town known by our rodeo, small town gossip, and the high school's achievements. But now, everyone, including us, knows Payson as the small town with a drinking mayor.

Get involved, let your voice be heard

As a citizen of this fine country, I'm understanding that our politicians are allowing illegals into our country to make up the voting difference. Our people are choosing not to vote for one reason or another. We must stop and take a look at what is happening to our country. This isn't out of our control as of yet. We will have a voice, and we must make it heard.

Rena Marie Lenderman

Rena Marie Lenderman, 85, known to most as Granny, died Jan. 18, 2003.

Eliminating super majority a bad move

Regarding publisher Richard Haddad's letter on the opinion page Jan. 14, 2003, he writes that council members are being lobbied to change the town code to eliminate the super majority vote of 6 to 1 to terminate any department head in town employment.

A recommendation to the bards of poetry corner

Well, Class, today we want to talk about rhymed poetry -- not free-verse poetry; that's for a future lecture.

What's up?

Q: What is the town doing about the property on the west side of Colcord between East Cherry and Wade? It has been in terrible condition for 20 years and it's getting worse.

Finley repeats as spelling champ

It wasn't as obvious as last year, but the spelling bee dominance of Frontier Elementary School students continues.

Shirley Marie Chlarson

Shirley Marie Chlarson, 67, died Thursday, Jan. 16, 2003.

Joseph Robert Dinda

Joseph Robert Dinda, decorated veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam wars, died Jan. 8, 2003.

Virginia M. Libbey

Virginia M. Libbey, 90, died Jan. 20, in Payson.

Payson landscaper saves poached tree

When poachers cut down his blue spruce in the middle of the night shortly before Christmas, the owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was devastated.

Senior Center, businesses help you get there

For Payson seniors and people with disabilities, getting to the store or a medical appointment can be a challenge.

Retired teacher doing mind stuff


If you've ever been stopped in Wal-Mart and asked to be a little nicer to your children, chances are pretty good you've already met William "Bill" Smith.

Theresa Boardman was the Rim's only nurse -- Part 2


Theresa Boardman will always be remembered for her special compassion for the Tonto Indian people who struggled against economic and medical difficulties.

Frequent tip clipping takes hassle out of nail grooming


Some dogs and cats keep their nails nicely trimmed on their own and need no assistance from us. Others grow amazingly long nails so that it looks painful to walk. Imagine having your toenails pushed up every time you took a step. Ouch.

Horn streak launches team to East lead

A Longhorn basketball team that once was stumbling along with a 5-5 record has improved to 12-5 and holds down the top slot in the East region standings with a 4-0 mark.

Lady Horns set for cat challenge

Sporting a 3-1 East record (11-9 overall) that is good enough for second place in the region, the Lady Longhorns return to the hardwood at 6 p.m. this evening in Show Low against the homestanding Cougars.

Horns finish third, Lee makes Van Horn history

Senior Zach Lee's record-setting performance paced the Longhorns to a pool championship and a third-place overall showing in the Tim Van Horn Memorial Wrestling Tournament.

December weather forces schedule changes

Scheduling conflicts at Show Low High School and inclement weather that caused postponement of some athletic contests in mid-December have resulted in several late Payson High School schedule changes.

Quiet please! Golfers at work

There are some things about sports I just don't understand.

Thursday, January 16

Lydia Camille Schouten

James and Ruth Schouten welcomed the latest addition to their family, Lydia Camille, who was born Jan. 12, 2003 at Payson Regional Medical Center.

Regional approach the most expensive solution

Re. your editorial, "Time for a regional water solution." I am always glad to see attention directed toward the "dire" water situation in the Payson area.

Alma mater wrong about racial quotas

I went to school at the University of Michigan, and I have fond memories of both Ann Arbor, the quintessential college town where it's located, and of the school itself -- an institution that consistently ranks in the top 10, both academically and on the gridiron.

Council gears up for bond election

A committee of 15 Payson residents will review capital improvement proposals and their funding options for the town, making recommendations for the projects to go before the voters.

Mavericks get a new baseball team

The Rim Country Middle School Mavericks are on schedule to field an inaugural seventh- and eighth-grade boys baseball team this spring. The team was approved Monday evening at the Payson Unified School District governing board meeting.

Parks and recreation notes

Participation fee for youth basketball is $20 per child. This division will include seventh and eighth grades only. Games may be played Saturdays and during the week.

Little League registration under way

Aspiring baseball players have three opportunities to register for participation in Payson Little League.

Jane of All Trades part of the solution

Billie Grace, owner of Jane of All Trades, and her crew do everything from appliance repair to large-scale yard clean-up and tree removal, but that's just part of the story.

What's up?

Q: Why is UPS only open from 2-4 p.m.? What number can we call to complain? Most of us are working at that time.

Leave editorializing on opinion page

Regarding Kelly Crowley's article "Local family a casualty of state cutbacks" (Jan. 10 issue):

Common sense solution to littered roadways

Perhaps many people already do this -- I probably have not lived in Payson long enough to know. I'm talking about picking up things like paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, whatever, when seeing them where they should not be -- especially when walking in large parking lots and along roadsides.

Regional approach is the right solution

Your editorial dated Dec. 6, 2002 was right on the money. The editorial correctly pointed out that the Arizona Corporation Commission has been trying to get the stakeholders in the Pine area to recognize that in order to find a long-term solution to the area's chronic and cyclical water shortages, a cooperative effort is needed. It is precisely such an effort by Rim country governmental units and other interested parties which provides the most promise for developing solutions to the water shortage.

Key to finding fish is depth


With the fishing still fairly slow at Roosevelt, most anglers have been opting for Apache Lake. One of the keys to catching bass at Apache lately is fishing shad patterns.

Lady Horns outpowered by Elks

The Payson High School boys and girls basketball teams split East regional clashes with the Round Valley Elks Tuesday evening in Eagar/Springerville.

Van Horn features Arizona's best

Some of the best teams and athletes in the state will showcase their mat skills this weekend in the Tim Van Horn Memorial Wrestling Tournament.

Make a difference through Elderbuilders

Elderbuilders is a new program in Payson, under Gila Aging Services.

Artist Rock Newcomb conducts presentation

Nationally recognized, award-winning artist, Rock Newcomb and wife, Cody, his agent/business manager, will conduct a presentation at the Tuesday, Jan. 21 Payson Art League meeting, at St. Philip's Church Hall.

Discipline policy an important message to students

I am writing this letter in response to the problem that some parents are having with the discipline policy at the high school. My children have participated in the sports program for a few years. They have always read and signed a contract at the beginning of each season. In the contract, I believe they agree not to drink, do drugs, or do anything else that would reflect badly on them, their team or the school.

Big basketball tournament in Pine


Sports fans, craving live action? Looking for local entertainment? We have non-stop, live basketball action and the admission is free.

Rim businesses need to support each other


Because I am an outspoken person, I find it necessary to write this column.

Roger E. Young

Roger E. Young, 60, of Tonto Basin, died Jan. 15, 2003.

Busy bees

Students from the Payson Unified School District waged a battle of vowels and consonants during the districtwide spelling bee Thursday.

School's code of conduct challenged

An alert grandparent of a Payson High School athlete has sent the school district scurrying back to the drawing board to rewrite its rules of conduct for students participating in athletics and other school activities.

Student pays high price for careless comment

(The grandfather of the 12-year-old Rim Country Middle School student who is the subject of this story requested that his real name not be used. We have therefore given both the grandfather and the student fictitious names.)

Musicians move to the beat of a different drum

The Arizona Youth Symphony is alternative music. It is not alternative music in the contemporary sense, but, it is a different option for serious music students.

Is it the calm before the storm?


All's quiet in Tonto Village these days.

Tuesday, January 14

Ellen Fuller comes to Pine


The story of Pine cannot be told without reference to Ellen Fuller coming into Arizona Territory.

When beef goes on sale


This week, the grocery ads seemed to feature beef on sale. So it's probably a good time to look at both old favorite recipes and maybe something new to help take advantage of the good prices.

Little things mean a lot


While it may seem like the columns that appear here are built upon the trivial and insignificant, it is actually matters of great international import that unleash the fiendish muse that controls this space.

Artist is inspired by wood


A building contractor by trade, 80-year-old Don Stephenson is still carving, sanding and painting. But instead of shopping centers, these days he builds in an art form known as "intarsia."

Monday, January 13

Phyllis Ann Hocker

Phyllis Ann Hocker, 64, of Payson, died Jan. 9, 2003.

PCS offers personalized learning

What strikes you first about the students who recently graduated or are about to graduate from the Payson Center for Success is how bright and articulate they are.

What's up?

Q: A recent What's Up column said that the state allowed the town to remove the school zone signs on Longhorn. I called the state and they said it's OK if the decision is based on an engineering study and if that study is made available for anyone to see. Did the town do a study?

Designer spins sorrow into fashion

Move over, Calvin and Ralph: Wyvonna's here.

Flight pattern needs to change for public safety

I have lived in this vicinity since 1994, and this is my first letter to the Roundup.

Power to fire should be left to super majority

There is a movement afoot to alter town code in a way that would open the door to dark deeds.

More burns planned for Dude Fire area

The old Dude Fire burn area and the Gibson Creek area will be sites of prescribed burns scheduled to begin sometime between mid-January and the end of March.

3 searches net 5 arrests for drugs

An eight-month investigation into the use and sale of dangerous drugs culminated in three searches and five arrests Jan. 10 and 11.

Foss was a hero to us

I first heard about Joe Foss in the early 1940s. After my brother, Martin M. Thomas, finished his infantry training at Camp Pendleton, Calif., he was shipped to the South Pacific.

High school teacher let go over sexually explicit play

Payson High School English teacher and debate coach Dean Gundlach is no longer an employee of the school district, according to a settlement agreement approved by the board of education Tuesday night.

A 'peace' of art

Local artist Mike Walden puts a little bit of himself into his work.

Payson, we are the people

Our town needs to incorporate an ordinance that would allow our elected mayor and council to remove any town department head. The way we have it now is - it takes a 6 to 1 vote of the council to dismiss a department head, and a 4 to 3 vote of the council for anything else.

Theresa Boardman was the only Rim nurse -- Part 1


The Boardman family left an indelible mark on the growing town of Payson.

Mountains a magnet for Atteberry


Duane Atteberry, and his wife, Joan, became seasonal residents of the Rim country way back in 1970. In 1993 they took the leap to full-time citizenship.

Worth wants adoption challenges changed


Bringing a new life into this world is complicated enough. Opening your home to a child with no home seems an overwhelming task that many good families are not up to.

Anybody want a Wildcat mug?

This must have been the week to pick on the sports reporter.

River's pin leads Horns past top-ranked cats

With the state No. 1 ranked Show Low Cougars and second-rated Payson locked in a 34-34 tie, senior Bryce River took to the SLHS wrestling mat on Jan. 8 knowing the fate of the Longhorns rested on his shoulders.

4 more businesses find opportunities on Main Street

The latest businesses to make the move to Main Street include a gift and women's wear shop, a printing company, a day spa and a small-engine repair shop.

Longhorns nip Lobos in East thriller

After watching the Longhorns dismantle state second-ranked Snowflake 66-59 Friday evening in Wilson Dome, fans are wondering just how good this Payson boys basketball team can become.

Lady Horns bounce back to beat Lobos

Coach Krystal Garvin no longer has to worry about how her Lady Horns would respond to a crushing 84-40 loss Jan. 7 to the Winslow Bulldogs.

Council gets legislative update

The Payson Town Council's most important job with the Arizona Legislature this year is making sure a promise is kept.

Council tackles lengthy agenda for first meeting of new year

The Payson Town Council will do a substantial amount of housekeeping work at its first regular meeting of 2003 on Thursday.

Cilione's body found outside Prescott

The body of Arleen Ruth Cilione, 60, was discovered Jan. 8 off Highway 89, about 10 miles southwest of Prescott.

Thursday, January 9

Teen shifts focus from football to golf

After turning in a solid football season for the Longhorns, Billy Bob Hoyt is now focusing his athletic attention on a golf career that could lead him to a professional career.

The right jig will help you find big fish


To most bass fishermen, January is synonymous with jig fishing.

GVP lakes get bonus trout stocking

Bonus stockings of big rainbow trout are coming this week (Jan. 6 through Jan. 11) to Green Valley Park lakes.

Rec basketball registration under way

Town Parks and Recreation Sports Coordinator Teddy Pettet has his hands full laying out the agenda for the upcoming seventh- and eighth-grade basketball season.

Medal winners pace Horns at Mingus

Longhorn wrestlers Zach Lee, Nate Lee and Larry Wilbanks wrestled their way to 8-0 records and weight-class championships at the Dave Work Memorial Invitational held Jan. 3 and 4 in Mingus.

Rabies vaccine a cheap insurance policy


Frightening news about rabid animal attacks these past few months cause worry for all. Symptoms of rabies do not appear right away and, by the time they do, there is no treatment. The only way to positively identify a case of rabies is through laboratory testing of brain tissue. Therefore, the suspect animal must be decapitated.

Book examines role of pioneer women

"Nothing against men," begins Jayne Peace, "but everything (written about the West) is about men."

Donald A. Rauscher

Donald A. Rauscher, 84, died Dec. 25, 2002.

Guard troops prepare for possible war

The weekend warriors have been mobilized or have orders to be prepared.

Local family a casualty of state cutbacks

It seems each day brings a new heart-wrenching story about people experiencing a severe health crisis and losing all or part of their insurance coverage.

Returned property leads to three arrests

Mazatzal Casino security staff was attempting to return a lost personal organizer to its rightful owner when they discovered drug paraphernalia.

Stars come out for MHA benefit

The second annual Mogollon Health Alliance "Dining with Celebrities" benefit bash unfolds Tuesday, Jan. 14, at Fargo's Steakhouse.

Straw retires from Forest Service

After probably the most hectic summer of her career, Brenda Straw is hanging up her uniform for good this week.

Sheriff's posse on all-night rescue

The new year started out busy for members of the Gila County Sheriff's Posse.

Plan your spring garden now


Although spring and summer seem a long way off in early January, garden planning is a good way to spend cold winter evenings. Many of our native perennials need cold stratification before they will grow and produce their beautiful blooms, so now is the time to plan ahead.

New state leaders, Congressional jobs give rural residents stronger voice

A fresh breeze could be blowing favorably for rural Arizona.

Speed limit not enforced in Pine

Having read Myndi Brogdon's article on the two pedestrians that were so unfortunate to be struck by a vehicle in Pine, I felt it was necessary to respond.

Taxpayers should query Roosen trial

Don't you think it's about time that the Gila County Attorney's Office stops wasting the taxpayer money on a trial they cannot win? Doesn't the justice system tell us that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Lady Horns on track for Lobo clash

As the girls high school basketball season wears on, the Lady Longhorns and Snowflake Lobos might find themselves chasing East region favorite Round Valley Elks.

Joe H. Williams

Joe H. Williams, 75, died Jan. 5, 2003, in Tonto Basin.

We are the problem and the solution for water problems

This letter has been written for two reasons only. Its purpose is to educate the people of Pine and Strawberry so our domestic water supply can be improved.

What's up?

Q: When the speed limit changes on a highway, where does the change become official -- when you can read the speed limit sign or when you actually reach the point where the sign is located?

What happened to winter?


The holidays are over and it seems like winter is too. Where is the cold weather and the snow?

A season of gratitude


It is time to be grateful for all that we have and all that we receive. So many organizations count on the generosity of this community. Here are just a few words of gratitude.

Columnist celebrates ‘Brown Christmas' in Yuma


I don't know about you, but I am glad that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind me for another year. Don't get me wrong, I love all the excitement, shopping for just the right gift, and of course the decorating, but my age must be showing. I got downright worn out.

Learn which computer best suits you

When purchasing a new computer, many of us find ourselves at the mercy of the salesperson at the store or the descriptions on an Internet site.

Donald Earl Myers

Donald Earl Myers, 72, died Jan. 5, 2003 in Payson.

Horns host Lobos in East debut

All of the marbles will be at stake tonight in Wilson Dome when longtime East region rival Snowflake challenges the Longhorns in an East region opener set to tip-off at 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, January 7

New Year's workout


We have all done it, and many of us did it this year. We pledge to ourselves that we will exercise, lose weight and get in shape.

If I were in charge ...


If it's good to be king, it's even better to be dictator.

The making of Marysville


In 1922, the pioneer lady known as Grandma Platt dictated her memoirs to her daughter, Bessie Chilson Carpenter. That letter appears in "The Rim Country History" and a hand-written copy is held in the archives of the Rim Country Museum. That document, together with other family documents, provides us with a delicious insight into the life of the matriarch of the Chilson family.

The many uses of cabbage


Cabbage is one of the more versatile vegetables. It can be combined with any number of different ingredients to make a very hearty dish.

Monday, January 6

Time for Arizona to get tough on unfit parents

Shortly after Janet Napolitano officially became Arizona's 21st governor she expressed her desire to fix the state's beleaguered Child Protective Services Department.

Search results in three drug arrests

Assisting the Gila County probation department with a search, the Payson Police Department made three drug-related arrests.

Convicted murderer to be sentenced

When Kevan Deon Kuhlman pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder of Susan Birchak in November, it was expected he would be sentenced before the end of the year.

Hiker breaks leg at natural bridge

Starting his New Year out in dramatic fashion is just Jacob Stewart's style, say his friends.

Girls give state champs a run for their money

Although first-year coach Krystal Garvin's Lady Longhorns came up slightly short in a 54-52 loss to Tuba City Saturday night in Wilson Dome, the team's stellar performance could mean a bright state tournament future.

Don't take science, religion at face value

"Creation and credit for life belong to God" -- Amen -- but ...

We are what we eat


New Year's resolutions generally include items concerning the quantity and quality of our food consumption. It's a great time to make some resolutions for our pet's better health as well.

Rim teenager downs first bull elk

A hunter since she was 10 years old, Payson High School junior Sarah Christensen has enjoyed a wealth of outdoor adventures. Her big game quarry have included both deer and javelina.

Sign-up begins for 7th-, 8th-grade play

This is a huge week for aspiring Rim Country Middle School Maverick basketball players.

Round Valley thoroughbred wins at Turf Paradise

When Magnificent Maid won the first race of her career Dec. 30 at Turf Paradise, the thoroughbred's owner, Victor Sheridan, was nowhere to be found.

Demonstration garden under way at college

A long-planned low water-use demonstration garden is now a reality, thanks to a grant recently received from the Arizona Land Department and Community Tree Council.

Smokey Bear contest deadline near

Smokey Bear has been on tour the last couple of months visiting most local elementary schools to publicize the annual Smokey Bear Poster Contest.

The ladies, bless 'em, got a hospital


This month the Rim Country Museum opens a special exhibit on "Rim Country Women." It seems timely to write January's articles in the Roundup and The Rim Review about that subject.

Charameda's fate, family shaped life


Bob Charameda believes in two things above all others -- family and fate.

Stars shine for benefit dinner

At 6 feet 10 inches, Arizona Diamondbacks ace Randy Johnson is an imposing figure -- especially when he glowers at opposing hitters over the top of his glove.

Know the ropes before plunging into the world of home buying


Today's rock-bottom interest rates have inspired many first-time home buyers to take the plunge.

Crowley joins staff of Payson Roundup

The Payson Roundup introduces it's newest reporter, Kelly Crowley.

Two pedestrians hit in Pine

A Saturday afternoon collision left one man hospitalized and awaiting surgery.

Barr returns to lend height to the Horns

Buoyed by the return of junior forward/center Mike Barr to the lineup, the Longhorn boys basketball team upset highly regarded Tuba City 58-53 Saturday evening in Wilson Dome.

Warren Eaton Thomas

Warren Eaton Thomas, 86, died Jan. 3, 2003.

August Hort

August Hort, 89, died Jan. 3, 2003 in Phoenix.

Wilton Kenneth Gay

Wilton Kenneth Gay, 92, died Jan. 4, 2003 in Payson.

Larry Cirac

Larry Cirac, 63, died Jan. 1, 2003.

What's up?

Q: In Maricopa County, restaurants are inspected quarterly for cleanliness and compliance with county health regulations. The inspection results are published as a matter of public information in The Arizona Republic. Why doesn't the Payson Roundup do the same up here?

Udall takes city manager job in Colorado

Kelly Udall's work in municipal administration means a lot of moving around, but after eight years in Payson, he is making his latest move with mixed emotions.

Thursday, January 2

Old Christmas trees turned into mulch for area landscaping

The Payson Parks and Recreation Department is accepting Christmas trees for recycling at the Payson Event Center, 1400 S. Beeline.

2002: a year in Rim country sports

Rim country sports in the summer of 2002 took a back seat to caring for evacuees from the Rodeo-Chediski forest fire that consumed thousands of acres of prime timberland near Heber-Overgaard and Show Low.

George Hensley

George Hensley, 68, died Dec. 30, 2002, in Payson.

Ralph Fuller

Ralph Fuller, 90, of Cottonwood and formerly of Pine, died Dec. 27, 2002.

Reconnect with God this year


As we all look back on the past 12 months, we realize that it wasn't a very good year for many people.

What about private property rights?

In response to the article Dec. 31, concerning the declaration of the ponderosa pine as an endangered species: I agree that quick action needs to be taken immediately, regarding the bark beetle infested trees. However, by declaring these pines as "endangered," what does that do to the property owner who wishes to build a new home but needs to remove these precious "protected" healthy trees from his homesite?

Endangered species plan could be nightmare

Concerning the steps being taken to declare the ponderosa pine trees in northern Arizona an endangered species, the plan would have been better left as it began, a joke.

Proud to be a Brooke Utility customer

Many thanks to Mr. Hardcastle for his editorial of Dec. 27 entitled "Supervisor not informed about water."

Town officials hold road meetings next week

The property owners along Payson's dirt roads and roads with only a single chip seal will meet with town officials next week.

Rim country blood drives set for Jan. 6, 7

Donating blood received a huge boost in popularity during the aftermath of 9-11. But it's consistency that blood banks like United Blood Services need.

Bill Hagood

Bill Hagood, 76, died Dec. 20, 2002, in Payson.

Besich appointed to Gov. Napolitano's staff

After more than 17 years with Gila County, Steve Besich will be taking a new position as of Jan. 13. Governor Janet Napolitano has appointed Besich to her staff as the Greater Arizona Policy Advisor.

Year-long investigation ends in arrest of four women

Four women were arrested Thursday night, following a year-long investigation by Payson police.

Mesa del woman provides home for dying cat

When Susan Campbell volunteered at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary over Thanksgiving she put her cat carrier in the car.

Early morning motorists find man beaten, bloodied on Highway 260

What started as a gesture of kindness by good Samaritans became an odd tale of an apparently violent start to the new year.

Smoke clears on tumultuous 2002

From contentious town elections to forest fires that threatened our homes, 2002 was a year of ups and downs for Rim country residents.

Body found in Flowing Springs home

The body of Kevin Fuchs was found in a friend's Flowing Springs home early Thursday.

Wayne Edward Thomas

Wayne Edward Thomas, 52, of Payson, died Dec. 26, 2002.

Don't forget your box tops


Monday is just around the corner and the students of Pine-Strawberry Elementary are raring to get back to their desks and studies.

More money for Main Street

With 4,000 Rim country residents helping to gift wrap a most productive year on Main Street by attending the Electric Light Parade, Project Manager Karen Greenspoon has turned her attention to 2003.

What's up?

Q: I saw a beautiful copper front license plate with PAYSON on it the other day. Where can I get one and how much do they cost?

Dorothy Elizabeth Zelinski

Dorothy Elizabeth Zelinski, 68, died Dec. 30, 2002, in Payson.

Sidewinders finish fourth in Scottsdale youth league

A team of local athletes -- ages 9 to 12 --ecently wrapped up three months of play in a Scottsdale-based youth baseball league.

Community resolutions for 2003

The year 2003 is fresh and new. On this third day of the third year of the 21st Century, it is not too late to make a few resolutions to direct our lives and the life of the community in the coming months.