Community Resolutions For 2003


The year 2003 is fresh and new. On this third day of the third year of the 21st Century, it is not too late to make a few resolutions to direct our lives and the life of the community in the coming months.

To begin, we should all appreciate our good fortune in life -- life itself. We're here, living; breathing some of the best air in the world; all in a beautiful setting.

Let us resolve to protect our good fortune:

  • Don't litter, don't let your dogs litter and help the groups who patrol the roadsides for rubbish;
  • Keep your property free of fire fuels;
  • Be conservative in your use of water and comply with the regulations when water use restrictions are necessary; and
  • If something needs to be done about a problem, don't just complain about it, see what you can do to be part of the solution.

Solving problems brings us to our town, school, county, state and federal governments.

Every public official, bureaucrat and member of every political action group should resolve to move forward.

Forget the power struggles, personality conflicts, revenge and all the other petty stuff that brings efficient governance to a standstill.

The job of the government is to serve the people, not make things more complicated with new rules, regulations and red tape. Although, new problems and concerns do require new rules. Is it absolutely necessary to make them so difficult to understand, a lawyer has to be hired just to read the new rules and regulations?

The job of good governing includes listening to the public -- all the public, not just the squeaky wheels.

This year, we should all resolve to being open to new ideas, new suggestions about how we do things. Don't just say, "But this is how we've always done it." Instead, let's just stop, take a breath, open our eyes, minds and hearts and consider if a different approach just might be the answer.

Being open to hearing, considering and actually being brave enough to try something new are all part of the process of moving forward.

Continue to show support for the men and women at our fire departments and in law enforcement. They are not the enemy when they enforce the laws, they are putting their lives on the line for us. Let them know you appreciate them now as much as you did in the aftermath of the national tragedy of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Let us remember 2002 for the good that was accomplished, not the mistakes that were made; and look forward to 2003 and acting in a wiser, kinder, more generous way than before.

That will go a long way toward protecting our good fortune of life in Payson and on the Rim.

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