Don't Forget Your Box Tops



Monday is just around the corner and the students of Pine-Strawberry Elementary are raring to get back to their desks and studies.

OK, so maybe we mothers are more excited, but yes, school will resume 7:45 a.m. Monday, Jan. 6.

Make sure you send with your child your Box Tops for Education, Bashas' receipts and Campbell's labels. All of these little fund-raisers make a huge difference in the daily lives of your students.

If volunteering is a New Year's resolution or goal for you, contact Doris Randall at 476-3283 to see what the staff and students might have in store for you.

Blood Drive

Pine-Strawberry residents are being challenged to bring in 90 units of blood to restock the shelves for the state of Arizona.

In this state, we use more than 550 units of blood every day. In just one car accident, hundreds of pints may be needed.

In Pine-Strawberry, local resident Sharon Weir is heading up a team of volunteers in an effort to bank the 90 units.

Donors must be 17 years or older and in good health. If you are on medication, bring the names of those medications with you when you donate. If you have other questions or concerns, call Weir at 476-6580.

If this year, every Arizona donor gave blood just one more time, blood shortages would cease to exist in our state. Let's do our part and show the state that Pine-Strawberry has loads of heart. Donating blood is safe, it's simple and it saves lives.

You can help end blood shortages by donating in Pine Tuesday, Jan. 7, in the Cultural Hall at the Community Center.

Mature Driving Course

Courteous hosts that they are, Bob and Aggie Hansen are again bringing the AARP Safe Driving Program to Pine-Strawberry.

From 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday, Jan 13, in the Kiwanis Building at the Community Center, students age 50 and older will learn about things that can take place as people grow older that may affect their driving habits. Things like how to hold the wheel to prevent injuries from air bags are important to the older drivers.

To sign up, call the Hansens at 476-4298.

2002 Christmas Lighting Contest Winners


1st place: (tie) Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bartlet, 4036 Whispering Pines Road and Thom and Sandie Schuster, 3607 Whispering Pines Road;

2nd place: Mr. and Mrs. Mike McManus, 3753 Cemetery Road;

3rd place: Brian and Diane Boers, 3809 Apache Trail;

Honorable Mention: Andy and Pam Mitchell, 3743 Whispering Pines Road and Chris and Debbie Scoles, 6589 W. Ute Trail/Hardscrabble.


1st place, Frank and Jacque Alhand, Rim View Loop;

2nd place: Jack and Sally Bonkowske, 16 Rim View Loop;

3rd place, Rob Price, 8324 Glen Straun and Fuller;

Honorable Mention: Jim and Dorothy Gaupel, 8903 W. Tonto Rim; Bob and Joan Middleton, 9586 Fossil Creek Road.

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