Rim Country Blood Drives Set For Jan. 6, 7


Donating blood received a huge boost in popularity during the aftermath of 9-11. But it's consistency that blood banks like United Blood Services need. Consistency for a community like Rim country means donating four times each year. Payson and Pine-Strawberry volunteers are gearing up for their upcoming drives.

The Payson community drive is being sponsored and run by the Zane Grey Kiwanis Club. Members Bill and Kathryn Lee have become coordinators with the express goal of banking 150 units of blood.

In Pine-Strawberry, local resident Sharon Weir is heading up a team of volunteers in an effort to bank 90 units of blood.

In Arizona, patients use more than 550 units of blood every day. In just one car accident, hundreds of pints may be needed. Blood usage is at an all-time high right now, said a United Blood Services spokesperson. And donations are dropping off.

Just this past holiday season, an accident victim required 68 units of blood, just to stay alive. Imagine if that had been your mother, brother or sister.

Donors must be 17 years or older and in good health. If you are on medication, bring the names of those medications with you to the drive.

If you have other questions or concerns call Bill Lee in Payson at 472-6023 or Sharon Weir in Pine-Strawberry 476-6580.

You can help end blood shortages by donating in Payson from noon to 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6 at the First Southern Baptist Church at 302 S. Ash, or in Pine on Tuesday, Jan. 7 in the Cultural Hall at the Community Center.

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