Don't Take Science, Religion At Face Value



"Creation and credit for life belong to God" -- Amen -- but ...

Man was created by the Creator and collectively is an instrument of that Creator.

While individuals may stray, the general course of the adventure of Man, like that of a river, is determined by the Creator's will.

While I believe this to be so, I grant that it is pretty hard to see through the fog at times and to fully or even partially accept that idea.

However, Man has at this time knowledge of only a few and of only very tiny fragments of the Plan -- far, far from enough to see the whole picture.

To just exactly what end all this is headed toward -- I can suggest absolutely no idea at all, not the slightest. It is puzzling.

Hint : It is a mistake to take the claims of both science and religion literally at their face values. Both are equally true, both are equally false. If one can refrain from both temptations, he will find that a lot of things get much clearer -- but still remain pretty cloudy.

Allen N Wollscheidt, Sun Lakes, Ariz.

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