Udall Takes City Manager Job In Colorado


Kelly Udall's work in municipal administration means a lot of moving around, but after eight years in Payson, he is making his latest move with mixed emotions.

Udall served as Payson's interim town manager for eight months in 2002, and is the town's administrative services director. He has taken a job as city manager for Federal Heights, Colo., a suburb of Denver.


Kelly Udall

He leaves his job with Payson this Friday, and his assistant, Tracy Snyder, will step in as interim administrative services director.

Udall interviewed for the job at the end of October. He will work for a seven-member council, including an elected mayor and oversee a $19-million budget.

The community has a population of about 12,500, he said, and the town employs between 85 and 90 people.

Udall said looking back over his years in Payson, one of the biggest challenges was bringing the town's technology up to speed, which contributed to the effectiveness and efficiency of town government and its employees. Accomplishing that task was also one of the biggest rewards of his work in Payson.

"We are now second to none," he said, adding much of the success of the upgrading project was due to the efforts of Rich Edgar, the town's information systems manager.

Udall said when he started, the town did not have a personnel director. Up until then, Town Clerk Linda Foster had been acting in that capacity.

"Payson is known as a plum place to live and work. We treat our employees good -- or try to. The community is just awesome, but my wife and I decided we found it too early in my career. It is the place we want to retire, so this is the move we don't want to make," he said.

Still, he is excited about his new venture and the opportunities it will bring.

"I'm going to miss the community and the friends and neighbors who helped me through 2002," he said. "It was a tumultuous year, but we rallied."

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