Columnist Celebrates ‘Brown Christmas' In Yuma



I don't know about you, but I am glad that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind me for another year. Don't get me wrong, I love all the excitement, shopping for just the right gift, and of course the decorating, but my age must be showing. I got downright worn out.

Being with my children and grandchildren was a blast, but tiring. They grew up when I wasn't looking.

Being in Yuma for Christmas was different. We enjoyed a brown Christmas instead of a white one.

I was given the following by a long-time Yuma resident who wishes to remain anonymous. It's an Arizona take on the old "Winter Wonderland" song.


Palm trees wave-are you listenin'?

In the pool, water's glistnin'

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight

Livin in a Yuma wonderland

Gone away is the blizzard,

Here to stay is the lizard;

A warm sunny day-we like it that way,

Livin in a Yuma Wonderland.

In the desert we will have a picnic,

Cactus, sand and rattlers in the sun.

Christmas evening is an old tradition:

Tortillas and tamales by the ton.

Later on, we'll perspire

The temperature's rising higher;

A warm, sunny day- we like it that way,

Livin in a Yuma wonderland.


Birthday wishes to Tonto Village Fire District's newest Board member Irv Bossert. He celebrated his big day Jan. 4.

Tonto Village's water man, Jerry Bauler, will be adding another candle on his birthday cake Jan. 10. Best wishes to both of you.

Also my cohort, Mikey Marazza, who writes the Kreek Kapers column, had her birthday Jan. 1, along with my own birthday the same day. Happy belated birthday, Mikey.

Fire prevention

Speaking of the Tonto Village Fire District, a monthly board meeting will be held at the fire station this coming Saturday, Jan. 11 starting at 10 a.m.

Chief J.R. Alliger reports that there will be many issues to be discussed, so make room for this meeting on your calendar.

As I reported in a previous column, our EMT director, Darlane Leonard, is holding CPR classes, and First Responder classes. Both started this week. Please call the fire station to sign up at 478-4875.

The ‘Jaws of Life' is part of the emergency equipment now available and training will take place at the fire station Saturday after the monthly board meeting.

Another reminder from the fire chief concerning the cleaning of your yards. He suggests that you do this chore as soon as possible and not wait for spring. The fire danger will probably be just as high or higher this year, so if your property abuts forest land, you are allowed to clear that land up to 200 feet around the perimeter of your home for a firebreak.

Alliger is looking for more volunteers who have a bit of time to either help identify trees to be cut or to do the actual cutting of the trees and clearing of the brush around Tonto Village.

Each hour that you spend in either cleaning up your own yard or clearing the brush in the forest, the fire department will get back money that is available through the Payson Regional Area Project grant. A form will need to be filled out to verify the work done. These forms are available at the fire station or the Double D Restaurant.

Turn the forms into the fire station or leave them at the Double D.

On the lighter side

Fun and games and some good food are still happening even if this is our slow season in the village.

This Sunday, Jan. 12, the Tonto Village Chapel will be holding its monthly potluck and get together starting at 12:45 p.m.

The Tonto Village Pool games are still going strong also. There is pool on Sunday and Tuesday evenings at the Double D Restaurant. Cue times are 3 p.m., Sunday and 7 p.m., Tuesday.

Harvey Poyner, Kara Shaw and Phyllis Mullen were the winners this past Sunday. Kara Shaw, Patty Boeschling and Phyllis Mullen took top places this past Tuesday evening.

The Tonto Village ladies also get together on Wednesdays to try their hand at dominoes. This is great fun and can get pretty competitive too.

On a more serious note that during this winter season, residents need to remember that there is no parking on the streets anywhere in the village. The snow plow will not plow our streets if there are cars or trucks blocking the way, but also for another more important reason: We need to make sure that there are clear streets for our emergency vehicles to be able to get through the streets.

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