Gvp Lakes Get Bonus Trout Stocking


Bonus stockings of big rainbow trout are coming this week (Jan. 6 through Jan. 11) to Green Valley Park lakes.

"Included in this annual incentive stocking will be 20 percent more trout with one-fish-in-five 12 inches or longer," Eric Swanson, urban fishing program manager, said.

Included in the 700 fish delivery will be rainbow trout over two pounds. The 13-acre Green Valley Lakes are currently providing some of the best fishing in Arizona.

"The philosophy of the urban program is that if people can't get out to the fish, we will bring the fish to the people," Swanson said. "Before they head out to Green Valley Lakes to fish, people might want to bring their landing nets and cameras with them. There's a chance if they hook into a monster, and they're used to lifting 10- and 11-inchers out of the water, they might just lose the big one at the shore. A camera may also come in handy to prove to their friends that they are honest about catching monster trout in town."

Anglers catching large trout have the opportunity to show it off at the Payson Parks and Recreation Department office located at the lake, get their picture taken, and have their catch posted on the bulletin board.

The bonus stockings are an annual event in January to entice anglers to participate in the urban fishing program, and to reward those who have already bought their 2003 fishing licenses.

Fishing at the specially designated Urban Fishing Program lakes requires a $16 Class U (Urban) fishing license for anglers 14 and over. Urban licenses can be purchased at any one of the 350 hunting, fishing and sporting goods stores in the state.

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