Speed Limit Not Enforced In Pine



Having read Myndi Brogdon's article on the two pedestrians that were so unfortunate to be struck by a vehicle in Pine, I felt it was necessary to respond.

The article and (Department of Public Safety Sgt. John) Whetten fail to mention the fact that this section of Highway 87, which goes directly through the heart of the community of Pine, does not receive adequate speed enforcement, nor has proper planning for pedestrian safety been addressed.

In past years, a number of Pine residents have requested crosswalks for pedestrian traffic to no avail.

What should be clearly apparent to the county and state is the direct safety conflict of Highway 87 going through the main business district. This district is lined with antique shops, museums, restaurants, real estate sales offices, and art boutiques, all of which encourage pedestrian traffic.

Weekends and holidays pack this section of Highway 87 with both vehicles and people.

On a recent walk through the downtown section of Pine, along Highway 87, we noted that, unlike the stretch of Highway 87 going through Payson, there are no dedicated sidewalks or crosswalks. There was a constant line of large trucks and vehicles which zipped past us traveling over the posted speed limit, and pelted us with dust and sand.

The county and state need to take a serious look at the safety of its citizens in every part of Arizona, especially in areas where cars and pedestrians are equally important and come into conflict with each other.

I would like to invite county and state officials to join me in a walk along this section of the highway. In doing so, they might gain insight to some of the contributing factors as to why this accident happened and could very likely happen again if appropriate action is not taken.

Jeff Kelly, Pine

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