What's Up?


Q: When the speed limit changes on a highway, where does the change become official -- when you can read the speed limit sign or when you actually reach the point where the sign is located?

A: "That's the easiest (question) I've had in awhile," said Payson Police Department Lt. Don Engler with a laugh. "(The new speed limit is effective) when you actually get to the sign -- when you break the plane of the sign."

Q: I heard that black dogs and cats are the last ones to get adopted. Is that true?

A: Yes.

"It's a real shame because they're such beautiful animals, but you talk to people who do animal rescue just about anywhere in the country and they'll tell you it's true," said Barbara Williamson, media relations manager for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

Diane Fitzpatrick, manager of the Payson Humane Society confirmed her assessment.

"That's generally been our experience," she said.

Williamson said the Kanab shelter has developed a couple of ways to help combat the problem.

"One thing we do is put something like bright, snappy scarves on them -- something that really shows them off," she said. "Another thing we've had success with is taking just black animals to an adoption event, and then people seem to be able to appreciate them."

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