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Q: A recent What's Up column said that the state allowed the town to remove the school zone signs on Longhorn. I called the state and they said it's OK if the decision is based on an engineering study and if that study is made available for anyone to see. Did the town do a study?

A: The original 15 mph signs were installed without an engineering study, according to town Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett.

"They weren't appropriate to begin with," he said. "That's why they were taken down. We are in the process right now of doing a study to determine if they should go back up or stay down, and when we're finished the matter will go back to the town council for their acceptance and approval. Right now what's out there is legal."

Q: If we had a crisis of water for the summer, why did we take (the restrictions) off in the winter time? I've got neighbors who wash their pick-ups every other day. Why don't we try to save water during the winter?

A: "You're making the assumption there's a crisis," town Public Works Director Buzz Walker said. "We didn't have a crisis; we never got past water conservation level 1."

Of course it's important to save water year-round, but the reason more emphasis is placed on summer usage is that consumption goes up dramatically -- primarily because of outside watering.

"It's not unusual for water use for the home to double, triple, even quadruple in the summer," Walker said.

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