Common Sense Solution To Littered Roadways



Perhaps many people already do this -- I probably have not lived in Payson long enough to know. I'm talking about picking up things like paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, whatever, when seeing them where they should not be -- especially when walking in large parking lots and along roadsides.

This afternoon, my husband and I both needed our vehicle, so I drove him to his destination, did my errands, drove the truck back to where I had left him and walked home. But before leaving the truck I took a plastic bag and glove in hand so that I could pick up any trash seen along the way. It was a productive effort: I filled the one bag that I started with and half way filled another bag that I found hanging on to a bush.

"Why bother?" you might ask, people will just continue to toss more stuff.

True, but one person makes a difference, because that one person will no longer be tossing trash where it shouldn't be.

And if we encourage others whom we know to do the same, there will be a few more folks who no longer toss trash. Think about the example we can set for our children or grandchildren.

Yes, it will take a generation of time to reduce the amount of litter we find scattered around; perhaps some of us will no longer be living. But what a nice thing to do for those who follow us and for our beautiful earth.

A word of caution, however, motorists may not be expecting to see you walking around, picking up stuff. You will have to be on the lookout for them.

Virginia McCall, Payson

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