Discipline Policy An Important Message To Students



I am writing this letter in response to the problem that some parents are having with the discipline policy at the high school. My children have participated in the sports program for a few years. They have always read and signed a contract at the beginning of each season. In the contract, I believe they agree not to drink, do drugs, or do anything else that would reflect badly on them, their team or the school.

I have read the contract and I thought that it was a positive thing. These kids need to realize that if you're going to be a team player and you screw up, you're going to have consequences. When you're participating in sports, you represent your school.

I feel that the school, as well as the coaches, should carry out some sort of discipline with these kids.

If there are other parents out there who also wish to show support for the coaches and the school's discipline policy, please call 468-6466

Maggie Whelan, Payson

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