Regional Approach Is The Right Solution



Your editorial dated Dec. 6, 2002 was right on the money. The editorial correctly pointed out that the Arizona Corporation Commission has been trying to get the stakeholders in the Pine area to recognize that in order to find a long-term solution to the area's chronic and cyclical water shortages, a cooperative effort is needed. It is precisely such an effort by Rim country governmental units and other interested parties which provides the most promise for developing solutions to the water shortage.

Efforts which circumvent the Commission's conservation orders are, in the long run, counter-productive. Putting more straws into the aquifer does not increase the amount of water available to serve the needs of the permanent and seasonal residents of the area.

I hope that the momentum for such a cooperative regional approach continues. If asked, I am sure that the Commission would be more than willing to participate in such a process.

I would like to see solutions emerge which would ultimately eliminate the need for the Commission's involvement in this issue.

William A. Mundell, Arizona Corporation Commission

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