Rim Businesses Need To Support Each Other



Because I am an outspoken person, I find it necessary to write this column.

Recently I had a conversation with the owner of a local linen supply company. He was upset because he had to layoff some of his employees.

It didn't matter that he was struggling to make ends meet. It didn't matter that he was losing business, but it did matter to him that he had to lay off people who really needed a job.

Here is my question to Rim country businesses: Are you doing everything you possibly can to support your fellow business owners? Are you shopping locally, instead of contracting with the big boys?

If you are a big business here in the Rim country and you are using vendors out of Phoenix because you are getting a better deal, give it a second thought. See what you can do to help Rim country businesses.

Thanks, Firebelles

Saturday night I attended the appreciation dinner at R-Bar-C for the Christopher/ Kohl's Fire Department.

It was a very nice dinner, although I feel it necessary to say that it was not the first annual appreciation dinner for the Firebelles .

The Firebelles -- who have been around since the 1970s -- have managed to put on a dinner every year in appreciation for the department.

Thirty years of hard work from these dedicated women deserves to be mentioned.

What was really nice was the entertainment for the evening. Marshall Trimball, Arizona's historian and great storyteller, put on a wonderful performance.

I know Marshall is a resident of our community, but I had never had the good fortune of attending any of his performances in the past. I must say they are very entertaining.

He has a great speaking voice, is very funny and can write a very entertaining song.

If you ever have a chance to hear Mr. Trimball it is well worth it.

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