What's Up?


Q: Why is UPS only open from 2-4 p.m.? What number can we call to complain? Most of us are working at that time.

A: The number is 472-6512, but you might want to call to thank Keith Hunsinger, customer counter representative, instead of complaining. The UPS folks in Payson go above and beyond considering the size of their operation.

"Honestly, (the limited hours are) because we're a small center here with six drivers and we can't get anybody back here before 2:00. It's just the logistics facing our drivers," Hunsinger said. "And since we don't have a customer area, it becomes a hazard any later than 4:00 because that's when most of the drivers are coming back in.

"We wish we could be open all day, but (since we can't) we try to make things as convenient as possible. In fact, I'm here from 1-5 p.m. and I'll help people out during that time. I just can't say we're open from 1-5."

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