Eliminating Super Majority A Bad Move



Regarding publisher Richard Haddad's letter on the opinion page Jan. 14, 2003, he writes that council members are being lobbied to change the town code to eliminate the super majority vote of 6 to 1 to terminate any department head in town employment.

Mr. Haddad stated that Mayor Murphy has included this proposed change in his proposed strategic plan for the town.

In my opinion, Mr. Haddad is exactly right.

Town council members, please do not vote for this bad idea to change our town code to provide that the town manager, or anyone else, could have the power to eliminate any department head that they may not like. The 6-to-1 vote was put in the town code for a very good reason, and should be left as it is.

Residents of Payson, please tell the town council members that this change would be a bad and backward move for our town of Payson.

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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