Get Involved, Let Your Voice Be Heard



As a citizen of this fine country, I'm understanding that our politicians are allowing illegals into our country to make up the voting difference. Our people are choosing not to vote for one reason or another. We must stop and take a look at what is happening to our country. This isn't out of our control as of yet. We will have a voice, and we must make it heard.

Payson -- get involved in our town. Get information that will help you make informed decisions. We have been sleeping oh way too long. Don't let someone else vote for you. You vote yourself.

Our opinion is neither right or wrong. It is our opinion and we have a right to it. Our freedom has been taken far too long for granted. Stir yourself up and get involved with our town government - then getting involved with our Town will overflow to state and country.

Remember, with the rights and privileges, we have come responsibilities. Let us continue to enjoy the American heritage of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Let your voice be heard. Get involved.

Diana Sexton, Payson

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