Police Will Still Enforce Law, Regardless Of Who's Chief



Ever since elections took place last fall, this town's reputation has gone down hill. People all over Arizona have been asking, "What kind of leaders live in Payson?" We used to be a town known by our rodeo, small town gossip, and the high school's achievements. But now, everyone, including us, knows Payson as the small town with a drinking mayor.

The people of Payson have been able to put aside and deal with Ken Murphy's wrongdoings, for now anyways.

So, is it not possible for a man of such power and supposedly dignity to do the same for those he does not approve of in town positions?

Say, for example, Chief Gordy Gartner of the Payson Police Department?

Not exactly knowing what Gordy did to aggravate Murphy, I can only assume it has something to do with protecting our town, our people, our lives, and doing his job. Is that so wrong of Gordy? Just because this irritates Murphy, he feels he has to get Gordy out of office? But, what good will this do? Whether Gordy Gartner or Mickey Mouse is the chief of our police department, the job would still get done. Officers in Payson are in law enforcement for a reason: protection, justice, and defense.

We have dedicated officers who are going to arrest drunks whether Gordy gives the okay or not.

Why can't we keep personal dislikes out of legal matters that affect the whole community?

Unless I missed something big, I don't recall Gordy Gartner ever doing anything illegal or against the rule book. He plays it by the book more than anyone I know.

If Murphy really thinks his proposition is going to work, someone should knock some sense into him, because Gordy has way too much support in this community for anything to happen against him.

Murphy, give up now and deal with life.

Jami Davies, Payson

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