What's Up?


Q: What is the town doing about the property on the west side of Colcord between East Cherry and Wade? It has been in terrible condition for 20 years and it's getting worse.

A: You need to be more specific if you want action, according to Gary Butkus, new town planning specialist in charge of code enforcement.

"I've got a couple of complaints on properties within that area, but without a specific address, I can't really answer that question," Butkus said. "With just a one-person shop, we can't investigate without more information. It would just be overwhelming. If someone has (detailed information on) an individual property so I can look it up and find the owner, we'll add it to our list."

Q: Why do we sell water to the tribe if we're in such a water crisis? Why don't we have them drilling for their own water?

A: Public Works Director Buzz Walker hates it when people refer to a water crisis.

"Again, we don't have a water crisis," he said. "We sell water to the tribe because they're a customer of the town of Payson. Besides, if they drilled in the same places the town is drilling, that would be sort of nonsensical. We think the best way to manage water resources is to develop it and sell it at a cost. If you have to pay retail, you hold it pretty dear."

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