Family Wants Roosen Punished For What He Did



It is 4 in the morning, and again I can't sleep. I keep going over and over the tragedy that has affected our families for the past three years.

Paul Roosen inflicted that tragedy on us. He should be in prison by now.

I have been reading your newspaper online for the last three years to keep up with events regarding the murder of my sister-in-law and the trial of the person who shot her.

Recently, you have printed letters to the editor from persons also regarding this situation. I have questions for those persons.

To the person who knows Paul is innocent: Have you ever been shot at? Mr. Sandler is not a storyteller; he knows the truth, and presented it as it should be -- in a factual, truthful manner. No hypothesis or false suggestions.

To the person who is Paul's sister: Where were you for the years he lived off of my brother and his wife? (They were the) only people who tried to help him, gave him a place to live and, when that place was soon to be no longer available to him, (he) decided in a drunken stupor to seek revenge.

He killed my sister-in-law, one of the sweetest, kindest people in the world, and tried to kill my brother.

He had pled guilty for time served. This information suppressed from the jury.

Three years is not enough for what he has done to all of us. Mostly, my brother. For all practical purposes, he did kill him that night. He has lost his will to live and fights daily to keep going.

And, as for Calista's mom and dad and her brothers and sisters, they, too, struggle.

There has to be justice for what he has done. The Bible says "an eye for an eye." He made the choice to do what he did. Surely, he must pay. Surely, he will not get away with taking Calista from us. Surely, there are 12 people in Gila County with the courage and conviction to do what is just and right. Surely, he will not be given the opportunity to try to finish what he started three years ago and again inflict tragedy on us.

We do not want Paul Roosen dead -- just punished for what he did. Our hopes are now on 12 people to be chosen on Feb. 25.

Virginia Brown, Mart, Texas

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