Gentlemen, Start Your Chainsaws



How many of you out there got a new chain saw from Santa Claus that you are just dying to try out? Have I got a job for you!

Tonto Village and the surrounding area is looking for volunteers with chain saws to help cut down designated trees to thin the forest. We also need people young or old, short or tall, thin or not-so-thin, to rake the brush into piles for burning by the Tonto Village Fire Department.

Many of you have applied for permits for wood-cutting and there is no more perfect place than in our village. In fact, we have a group in the Village this week who are doing good for a number of families. They are called the American Legion Woodcutters from Post #69 in Payson. This group of volunteers is cutting wood and giving the wood to needy families in the Payson area. Not only is this effort by the woodcutters helping needy families, but it's also helping the village clear out the fire combustibles that will give us headaches in the summer.

Please, do your part in any way or at any time that you can to help alleviate the fire hazards in our own back yard.

Lost dog

One of our residents lost her dog Jan. 16. Connie Weldon asks that you call 478-4137 if you find this little shaggy critter. His name is Promise and he is a brown and white Shih-Tzu.

He is a very friendly dog, and loves kids, so he could have followed one of them home from school. He did not have a collar on because he was going to be groomed, but he snuck out of the gate before he got his bath.

Please be on the lookout for this little shaggy creature and please call Connie if you see him.


I goofed. I told you that Bible study at the Tonto Village Chapel was on Wednesdays. It is really on Thursdays at 7 p.m., Wednesday is the AA meeting held at the Chapel at 7 p.m.

Sorry if you were inconvenienced by my goof.

Happy birthday

One of our longtime residents, Grace Daniels, will be blowing out candles on her birthday cake Jan. 28.

Grace is very active in the community, playing on the ladies pool league and the ladies dominoes group, and very successfully at that.

Tonto Village Fire District

Chief J.R. Alliger attended a regular fire chief conference in Las Vegas this past weekend. He said that it is always a very informative conference and came back with more information to share with the fire board and the residents.

Alliger also is working on grants. If anyone has a suggestion along this line, give him a call at 478-0404 or 478-4875.

There also has been some discussion regarding the renaming of the fire district to one that would entail all of the outlying areas. If anyone has a suggestion for another name, call the fire station.


The local pool players were in full swing this past week. The Sunday afternoon tournament was great for the ladies, Betty Koutz beat Chuck Huth and Harvey Poyner for first place.

Betty Koutz's pool cue was red hot. She won the Tuesday's tournament as well, beating out Grace Daniels and JoAnn Kennedy for first place.

Ethel Cain of the Double D Restaurant has come up with a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day in the Village.

She will be putting on a skit called "Gunsmoke Again" Feb. 15 starting at 7:30 p.m.

Some of the players will be Clint and Grace Daniels, Kathy Reeves, Chuck Huth, Willie Norris, Harvey Poyner, Brett Zeckoff, Betty Koutz, Tom Dorry, Pat Bates, and Phyllis Mullen.

If I have forgotten someone, well, that will just be a surprise for you when you come to see this very funny skit.

Put this date on your calendar, and remember to bring your camera.

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