Personal Grudges Should Be Kept Out Of Town Business



The council will soon be voting on a recommended change to the town code that would eliminate the "super majority" vote to dismiss a town officer.

I strongly recommend that they vote against this recommended change, thereby retaining the current procedure.

In my opinion, having career-type department heads is highly desirable, and a definite asset to the town.

What worthwhile candidate, for any future vacancy that may occur, would accept a position here in Payson ... knowing that with the next election, a new council could easily replace them?

The council can always easily dismiss a town officer for cause. To dismiss one of them for personal reasons would be totally wrong.

It would appear to me that the underlying reason for the current recommended change is an attempt to fire the chief of police on the basis of a personal vendetta.

I strongly urge the council to vote no on this recommended change. Let's keep personal grudges out of town business.

Ray Schum, Payson

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