Council Considers Retooling Departments


Restructuring the organization of town government is on this week's council agenda.

According to town manager Fred Carpenter, to prepare for the corporate strategic plan process, the mayor and all the councilors were asked to submit a list of issues they wanted to address.

"A majority of them wanted to look at how our departments are structured and some of them have individually talked to me about the need to review things," Carpenter said. "So, I put it on the agenda so we can start talking about it. Doing away with the super majority vote could be part of it, but so could a lot of other things."

Carpenter said he is just looking for direction from the council on how to proceed at this point.

The council also will be addressing water conservation. An ordinance is proposed to institute stricter conservation measures.

Financing a new public works maintenance building and hangars at the airport also is on the agenda.

An appeals hearing also is scheduled to overturn a ruling by the Planning and Zoning Commission denying an increase in the height of the Crown Castle Atlantic tower at the airport. The company wants to extend the existing tower by 20 feet, a request denied by the commission.

The council meets at 6 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 30 in its chambers at the town hall, 303 North Beeline Highway. For more information, call 474-5242.

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