Simple Majority May Not Be Best For Town



It is not my intention to engage in a continuing argument with anyone about the subject of the existing town code requirement of a 6-to-1 majority vote versus a simple majority vote of the town council to eliminate any town department head, nor do I have a vendetta against anyone.

This is just a point to consider.

I believe most department heads would try and set long term goals or policies on various things. With the 6-to-1 vote, a department head would really have to do something wrong that would be obvious to everyone in order to be fired from his job. But, with the simple majority vote, no department head could be sure of long term goals or policies to aim for. With the simple majority vote of the town council, the town could possibly have new department heads after every election. This would just not be good for Payson.

Art C. Buckner, Payson

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