Thanks For The Poetry Lesson, Shakespears



Thanks to "Shakespeare" Spears, Jan. 24 Roundup, I'm going to be an overnight poetic sensation -- from Paytion and Tonto Baytion. I've lived both places.

Place this "pome" where it belongs. I worked hard on this one: Took me three minutes.

Let's Pray Fer Faye

Can't be a cowboy's sweetheart

If there ain't none around.

Can't be a honky tonky angel:

Ain't no beer joint in town.

Guess I'll mosey outside;

Lean on the old top rail

Wipe the tears from my eyes,

Look down that lonesome trail.

And, when I hear the coyotes howl,

I'll hang my head and pray.

Eat your heart out Buckshot Dot

You've just heard from Ricochet Fay."

Alyce "Ricochet Fay" Hicks, Payson

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